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Thousands of people can't be wrong.

We have taught martial arts at Golden Dragon since 2001 and thousands of students have passed through our school.

We don’t teach easy methods - easy and effective trainings are a myth. We don't give our students belts or dans – they don’t have anything to boast about in front of their friends.

Why did they choose Golden Dragon? Thousands of people can't be wrong.

They choose our school because we train your body and your mind.

Martial arts is not just self defense – it is the complete physical and mental development of a student.

You do not just let off steam when you are training: by practicing challenging exercises and repeating the technical elements of martial arts, you become stronger and more confident in your abilities.

Through training, you explore your true self, and through yourself, you explore a whole world.

At Golden Dragon, you learn how to deal with the complications of life and as a bonus, we improve your health, your physical condition and your ability to defend yourself in any circumstance.

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12217 Santa Monica blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Second floor. St 206

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