Chi Gong


Chi gong is a set of psycho physical exercises based on breathing techniques. According to archaeological research, Chi gong has been in existence for about 7000 years. In the past 5000 years, it has evolved into a highly sophisticated system for human health improvement and is now an integral part of the traditional Chinese martial arts. There are no such kung fu styles that would not be based on Chi gong. In kung fu, the whole training process is built on breathing – from simple elements which are now attributed to a warm-up, to complex exercises enhancing flexibility, coordination, and strength. Of course, all kung fu techniques, be it a strike, block, or attack, depend on the correct way of breathing. Positively, Chi gong can be called the heart of Chinese kung fu.

Chi gong is a very exact health-related science. It requires a careful approach and great patience. Just like in a Swiss watch, every detail here has to be in place to make it all work perfectly. A human body is a rather complex system, although its proper functioning relies on following some very simple principles. There are just a few. Here are the main four:

  • proper workout – the law of nature states: A HUMAN BODY ADAPTS POORLY TO A SEDENTARY STYLE OF LIFE. The only thing that adapts to it well is our laziness. Everyone should remember this and all of us, without exception, need to exercise EVERY DAY for our body’s development.
  • proper nutrition – this part involves not just consumption of organic products grown in the natural environment, but also a dietary regimen. It is important to know when and what you can eat and how you can regulate the amount and combination of food products. At first sight, this issue seems quite difficult and makes you rush to find some kind of trendy diet and then… No, that would be before you stop and think. Once you put a little thought into it, you will quickly realize that food has to be simple and rich on vitamins, but most important – not too much of it. Certainly, there should be no eating before bed or else you should prepare to suffer from more than just nightmares. As they say in China, the reason for your maladies can be found at the bottom of your plate. This is so true. When it comes to nutrition, it is imperative to stick to the middle line: not too much and not too little. Sure, you know that your car uses just as much fuel as it needs and not more; otherwise it would stop working.
  • proper recreation – OK, this issue tends to be a fairly hard one for a modern man. But again, that is before you stop and think about it. Why do people nowadays feel that a modern man’s life is so unbearably tough and we sure need a lot of rest? Is it really true? In fact, anytime and anyplace, we do not rest, but indulge ourselves in outright laziness under some made-up excuses of stressful living, something that corrupts both our minds and bodies. What is proper recreation? There is an ancient wise saying: the right kind of rest is a change of work. Once you are tired of sitting at your office computer, it is just the time to do some good stretching exercises. After all, you can always lie down and enjoy your indolent idleness at bedtime. That is exactly what bedtime is for.

If you just started to think that the above has nothing to do with Chi gong, you are wrong. Chi gong is not a bunch of magic exercises that will make your life better. Chi gong is a vital part of a sophisticated lifestyle method. When done right, it brings phenomenal results. Chi gong is not a miraculous cure of all maladies. It is just a set of exercises enhancing your abilities with a great health-improving effect.

To make the best out of Chi gong, you need to be aware of the main point. Leave the fine details to your instructor. When the time comes, he will tell and show you all of it, so you can find out how it works for you.

Author: Valery Prosvirov. Head master of Golden Dragon school