Dmitry Prosvirov

Head Instructor
Dmitry Prosvirov

While completing his instructor/leadership program, Dmitry also attended the Russian Government University of Physical Culture & Sport from 2006-2011, where he earned his degree in Physical Education. He used his knowledge in this field along with his expertise in kung fu to become a Specialist in Theory & Methods of Martial Arts in 2011. His devotion to his art and teaching has also earned him a spot in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He was given the title of Kung Fu Instructor of the Year on May 17, 2014. He continues to live up to the title every day. During his tenure as instructor, Dmitry attended the Russian Business Academy and the Modern Humanitarian Academy consecutively, where he pursued a degree in philosophy. He also owned and operated his own business from August 2006 until January 2013. Dmitry feels that the knowledge he gained at both of these universities has been integral in his development as a teacher and martial artist.

While he feels that he has definitely chosen his own path, Dmitry ultimately recognizes the roles his father and mother played in his martial arts training and upbringing. Watching his mother practice Tai Chi daily, as well as watching his father develop himself and others into elite-class fighters, sparked an ember in Dmitry's heart that grew into a blazing love for kung fu. Dmitry's involvement with the success of Golden Dragon reaches farther than just class instruction; over the years he has been heavily involved with Golden Dragon's Action Theater program, having choreographed and performed at dozens of venues for thousands of spectators across the globe. He has also been key in the production of numerous educational DVD's and YouTube videos, including the school's crowning achievement, Truth is The Path Without The Name. He looks forward to producing even more educational and entertaining fare in the future.

Along with refinement of technique and body, Dmitry believes vehemently in the role that a healthy mind and spirit play in mastery of martial arts. Aside from overseeing the Junior instruction at Golden Dragon, acting as chief junior instructor, Dmitry boasts a degree in both Physical Education and Philosophy. He feels that “...philosophy and martial arts – are ways of understanding and changing yourself. And I hope, by changing myself, I can help other people who also want to find themselves.” He has even taken upon himself to oversee the training of his younger sister, Liza, who will quite likely help to carry on the family legacy along with her brother. He currently teaches external style kung fu in groups as well as individually, and hopes to continue to help the community with kung fu for years to come.