Individual Classes


The Golden Dragon is a School of Chinese Martial Arts.
We provide authentic, traditional training in Kung Fu.
We have been located in Los Angeles since 2012, and in Moscow since 2000.

Classes are held six days per week.


Individual Classes

Individual classes have qualitative difference from group ones, because the teaching instead of being averaged for everybody is based on your own abilities (physical and mental).

Because of deep submersion into the process of training you have much higher results. For this there are two preconditions without fail: first of all the lessons get costly, and second: I’m always hovering over you – you basically have no choice but to work.

Everything that is included in the traditional studies of Kung Fu is studied in the individual lessons, there are absolutely no trifles.

Practice shows, that individual lessons are more effective and people don’t tend to come back to the group. But even in this case it is important to remember the main secret of success in martial arts – it’s tedious training, everything else is an illusion. And you will have to do everything yourself, I will only show you “how” and watch carefully that everything’s done in the right order.

With all the positive sides of individual training there’s still one (as usual) main problem - there are only 24 hours in a day.

All the other questions can be discussed on the phone or when we meet.