Kung Fu


To understand Kung Fu, we need to understand martial arts. 

The martial arts are the process of self-perfection. 

What is the connection between self-perfection and sidekicks? Why do we all need to practice punches?

An effective punch requires the total connection of mind, body, and soul. In the process of perfecting our punch, we are able to mend the divide between our perception and our reality.

The ultimate goal of training is not to destroy an enemy or a target. The goal is to destroy our own delusions. The purpose is to heal and develop ourselves. The ability to defend yourself is a side-effect.

Physically, the martial artist is fast, coordinated, flexible, strong, and enduring. Mentally, the martial artist is creative, focused, strategic, and adaptable. Emotionally, the martial artist is confident, compassionate, honest, and without ego. 

Practicing technique allows you to distinguish between what works, and what doesn't. Improving your skills as a martial artist demands that you be completely honest with yourself.

In this way, the martial artist comes to know himself (or herself), and so he (or she) can truly express himself (or herself). This expression births artistry.

Kung fu has existed in China for at least five thousand years. Nothing can survive for thousands of years unless it is truly essential for mankind. Here is a list of things that have been around as long as Kung Fu: Bread, Music, Morality, Friendship, and Love. These things have stood the test of time. They have an intrinsic importance to humanity.

The world around us presents many challenges and difficulties, but most of our problems come from within. Laziness debilitates us. Happiness and motivation escape us. Morality is little more than fodder for stale arguments and hollow discourse. The internal struggle consumes a lot of our time and effort.

What can we do? Simply put, we need to fight our limitations mercilessly. We need to work to build our health and develop ourselves. We need to fight for ourselves, to overcome the things that would otherwise lead us to self-destruction. It takes courage and uncompromising determination to meet this challenge. 

Only a peaceful mind, uncompromising with its integrity, can maintain. To carry out the task of self-development, one needs to choose a proper tool. The martial arts are the right choice.

Kung fu develops and improves absolutely everything that constitutes man. Kung fu leaves no stone unturned on the path towards health and wellness. Through breathing exercises, Chi Gong improves our circulatory system, strengthens our nerves, enhances the performance of all the internal organs, and builds up our immune system. Gun Fa makes muscles and tendons strong, ligaments flexible, and joints mobile. Kung Fu technique brings the body to perfect coordination. Chin Na teaches us the anatomical properties of the body, and how to manipulate them in order control an opponent. Kung Fu quickens not just body movements, but the mind as well, making the thinking process as rational as possible without impeding creativity. Interaction with the opponent teaches you to keep your cool in the face of danger. The development of emotional control strengthens your mind, and keeps your body healthy. All of this is kung fu: a martial art that guards our health and is, in fact, an art of life.

With a clear mind and a healthy body, we can experience and appreciate the world around us in all its beauty.