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Yusup Surkhaykhanov from LA

I am 66 years old and it’s been five month since I became a student at the school of martial arts "Golden Dragon". I did not come here with a purpose to learn fighting, but in order to master the breathing gymnastics Qigong. Now I work on both Qigong and Taiji-24 forms as they are taught in complex. In the process of training I feel a lot of gradual changes within me, - and all these changes make me very happy. My muscles are strengthening and slightly increasing in volume, all the joints are being worked throughout. I cannot do split-ups of course (maybe just yet!), but progress in flexibility is gradually taking place. I can run up to my apartment on the fourth floor quickly and without stops to catch my breath. But all these results are expected and natural. The most surprising and completely unexpected thing for me personally is something I could not dream of: I stopped slouching!...

Why I Call Him Master! By Bohannon Orr (2016)

Valery Nicholaevich Prosvirov:

When I was a young boy, I started watching old-school kung fu movies, mimicking the moves I saw on the screen. Honestly, every martial artist these days probably has a passion story that starts out like this, but my aspect became unique when I began to pay attention to the stories in most of these films. Stories such as Kids from ShaoLin, the Prodigal Son, 36 Chambers and the like all had a common theme – a student under the direct tutelage of a master who had proven his worth before taking on the student. It then became one of my lifelong dreams to train directly under a martial arts master while living in the dojo old-school style, then eventually take a Warrior's World Journey toward enlightenment when I was made ready (like 'Bruce' Leroy Green or Ryu from Street Fighter). I never thought I would actually be living that dream. Yet, here I am, under the tutelage of THE BEST martial artist I've ever known, Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov.
Valery is so knowledgeable and so thoroughly authentic--anybody with interest in real Martial Arts should meet him (2016)
Valery is a true master of Kung Fu. He might be the only real one on earth.

His programs and classes are amazing for body development, health, coordination, and technique--I have discovered a lot more of the perks of being human since I began training at the Golden Dragon.

I have been coming here nearly every day for four months. The classes are always challenging and always fun. It's a lively, focused environment. The teaching is dedicated and inspired and extremely professional-- and I think everybody in class feels inspired by eachother.

It seems almost everybody that comes here has a story about why they chose to take their health and well-being more seriously. We all faced harsh truths and felt a call to action--and somehow it seems to have led us all to the Golden Dragon.

Valery is so knowledgeable and so thoroughly authentic--anybody with interest in real Martial Arts should meet him. Anybody looking to become healthier and more physically capable should come talk to him. His technique is something to see--he has so much knowledge and fighting experience to share, and his physical condition is unmatched by anybody else in town. 

Kung Fu is much more than a business for him--it is his life, his path to reality, self-realization, and proper health . I think he is keeping Kung Fu and Tai Chi and Chi Gong alive for the future. It is a serious undertaking and classes here reflect this dedication.  
During the seminar Master Valery said 'good' to me the very first time since I started training! It was during the partners' work doing Gung Fa technique (2016)
Tue: the day before I was thinking a little too much of a situation in my life I wanted to let go of and I knew had I not succeeded to do it before our Kung Fu seminar I'd totally forget all I need to forget during the seminar. And that's what happened. Intense workout frees your mind and improves your body. I do half day - only 3 hours of training instead of 6. It is intense but so well put together, based of Grand Master's knowledge of human physiology and physical abilities, that it feels just right. During the seminar Master Valery said 'good' to me the very first time since I started training! It was during the partners' work doing Gung Fa technique. Wed: it was our Master Dima's birthday. I came in the evening. We had quite an intense training and then Grand Master Valery asked us to sit cross legged with our eyes half closed. Then someone turned the lights down. We were in complete darkness focusing on our inner vision when Dima's Mom Elena and wife Baya with son Mark walked in with a chocolate cake with 29 candles on it. We got to replace some of the list calories after the training!
Valery Prosvirov is nothing less than a personal training magician. He has the most profound knowledge of human body and he is capable to condition yours to unimaginable levels (2016)
Those who know me are aware of my not so friendly relationship with social media. So for me, to be inspired to make a post on FB, something exceptional has to happen. And it has! This week! At Kung Fu of Golden Dragon! I attended an event so fulfilling, intense, challenging, extraordinary and health inspiring that I couldn't help but share it with everyone. For 6 days I participated in the 3rd Annual International Kung Fu Seminar held at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon taught by the Grand Master of Los Angeles Valery Prosvirov. Every day for 6 hours we trained in stamina, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Gong Fa, Chin Na and Kung Fu. Before the seminar starts, you don't know how your body will react. You think that even with all the training you've done prior, 6 hours of training a day is beyond your abilities, it sounds scary and almost unrealistic. But then you train: day by day your body reaches into deep reserve you weren't aware of and you begin to notice an incredible transformation physically, mentally and emotionally.
My teacher, Valery Prosvirov really cares about teaching the art of Kung Fu correctly (2016)
My name is Claudio Alessandro Izzo and I'm a person who as a child I loved martial arts and Chinese culture. The discipline that kung fu fans show is amazing.

Kung Fu is a very difficult art that requires many years of practice, but (in my opinion) it's also the most beautiful and useful art.

Kung Fu is not just a martial art where you kick and punch, kung fu is much more than that. It's a lifestyle, and it's the lifestyle that I most recommend. To learn that style, the first thing you should do is stop thinking and let your teacher guide you along the way and the tradition of Kung Fu by having complete confidence in him.

Kung Fu is divided into more than 300 types but all have the same philosophy in common. The end of Kung Fu is to teach self-discipline and self-control.
Laurence Kalinsky: "If you are looking for more than the belt - this is the place" (2016)
  • When looking for a martial arts school it is very easy to be blinded by flashy names, colorful belts, and the promise of learning Bruce Lee moves. It is even more of a challenge to weed through the numerous options available in a city like Los Angeles especially when you have a precocious 5 year old who is taken in by martial arts. But for those of us lucky enough to have been welcomed into the Prosvirov family at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we surely understand the value of the gem that is hidden on Santa Monica Boulevard just passed Bundy. My family and I came to the school looking for an alternative to my daughter's physical therapy in January after searching for a bilingual Russian and English school, and in just two months the progress we have seen has been nothing short of astounding. Unlike in any other school, both my wife and I (I am 40) were able to sign up for lessons as a package with our daughter - turning kung fu into a family activity with the three of us partaking in classes together. It has become the highlight of our week.

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Training with Masters Valery and Dmitry is a true blessing! (2016)
Training with Masters Valery and Dmitry is a true blessing! 

I've been wanting to do martial arts since I was little and tried it several times but something wasn't right. As soon as I walked into Golden Dragon school and talked to the teachers I knew it was my school.

Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead (2016)

Valery Prosvirov & his son, Dmitry Prosvirov will keep me alive, younger and healthier than any medicine I know of.  I first met them when I was 78 with the firm belief that  the best exercise for someone my age was changing channels on my tv.  My posture was terrible, my balance was pathetic and my flexibility was only good in the hand I used for the remote channel changer.

Martial Arts training?  Kung Fu technique? Ancient Chinese breathing exercises?  Weights?  Falling down and getting up exercises?  I had started to fall down without any training before so who needed it. 

Surely you jest!

Yet they were so confident of the value of all of this in every person’s life that they said my first lesson could be “free”.  So who could resist that magic word?  And that is how it began for me.

Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead.

Decisive, but patient as I am a senior! (2015)
The Golden Dragon has been and is a wonderful experience, physically and mentally. The warmth and gentleness of my host Valery my teacher, a charming gentleman and a terrific teacher.