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Maslenitsa: Crepe Day Celebration (March, 12, 2016)
  • No matter our culture, race, class, or upbringing, one thing most people can agree upon – we LOVE it when Winter ends and Spring rolls around! Many cultures have their own way of celebrating this momentous annual event (much like Americans and Groundhog Day), and Russia is no different. Preceding the upcoming celebration of Lent, Russians celebrate one of their oldest surviving holidays, called Masletnitsa, or Crepe Day. Kung Fu of Golden Dragon will be bringing this fun tradition to its students on March 12th as we seek to increase awareness and knowledge of our school's founders' history and customs.
Star Wars Force Camp Academy (2016)
  • Looking for a fun and awesome way for the kids to spend Spring Break? The Force is strong here! Sign up today for our Star Wars Force Camp Academy, and learn the ways of the Jedi, the Sith, and much much more!
Fire Monkey, 4713, Year of the Monkey, Sun Wukong, Martial Arts, Golden Dragon, Chinese traditional martial arts school, Chinese tea
  • All over the world, people are celebrating the Lunar New Year, and Kung Fu of Golden Dragon is no different. This year we are glad to be ringing in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. The Monkey is a highly revered and celebrated figure in Chinese culture. The Monkey is said to symbolize cleverness, agility, and a high intellect. Those born in the year of the Monkey are said to excel in politics, public speaking, language arts, and numerous physical sciences, including biology.
Training with Masters Valery and Dmitry is a true blessing! (2016)
Training with Masters Valery and Dmitry is a true blessing! 

I've been wanting to do martial arts since I was little and tried it several times but something wasn't right. As soon as I walked into Golden Dragon school and talked to the teachers I knew it was my school.

Russian language courses (2016)

Golden Dragon Presents - Russian Without Borders!

  • My name is Elena Prosvirova. I want to introduce you to the "Russian Language and Literature Courses" at Golden Dragon. Classes will be held every Sunday at 12217 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • When our family moved to Los Angeles from Moscow in 2012, my daughter Liza was just 6 years old. At that time, she spoke Russian, her native language, fluently, knew the alphabet and could read. But when she was enrolled in school, all of her classes were in English, and she started to communicate with us in this language. While I love that she has so quickly absorbed another language, I do not want her to forget her heritage. Therefore, I am taking time to teach her independently to keep her language in her mind. I do this not simply because having a second language can be incredibly beneficial later in life, but also because Russian is the cornerstone of our deep and beautiful culture. The works of Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky put our language into an essential position in the world's cultural heritage, and I believe that I am partly responsible for passing these cultural values onto our children. That's why I want my daughter to not just speak Russian but to speak it like a native speaker!

  1. Начинаем нашу рубрику "Советы преподавателя"
  2. Советы преподавателя 2 "Играем в слова"
Начинаем нашу рубрику "Советы преподавателя"
Здравствуйте, меня зовут Александра. Вот уже много лет я преподаю русский язык как иностранный. В настоящее время я являюсь преподавателем школы «Русский язык без границ», открытой в «Золотом Драконе». Сегодня мы начинаем нашу рубрику «Советы преподавателя», в которую будут включены различные советы, имеющие отношение к обучению детей русскому языку и литературе. Мы будем говорить о различных способах объяснения материала и привлечения внимания детей к нему. Но самое главное, о чём мы никогда не должны забывать – это то, что перед нами дети, которым будут скучно сухое изложение какой-либо темы, а потому направьте все свои знания в несколько иное русло. К примеру, чтобы сделать урок более занимательным и наглядным при обучении написанию числительных на -дцать, можно привлечь знание этимологии слова и далее нарисовать вот такую картинку:
Советы преподавателя 2 "Играем в слова"
Продолжаем нашу рубрику «Советы преподавателя», в которую будут включены различные советы, имеющие отношение к обучению детей русскому языку и литературе. Сегодня - "Играем в слова". Очень полезно играть с детьми в слова. Вы говорите слово, они называют следующее, которое начинается на последнюю букву вашего слова. Например, вы говорите слово «машина». Последняя буква «а». Ребёнок должен назвать слово на эту букву. Скажем, «автобус» Следующее ваше слово на «с». Как вы заметили, я выбрала существительные, относящиеся к определённой теме – «Транспорт». Можно выбрать такие темы, как «Части тела», «Овощи», «Школа», «Комната» и т.д.
Crossing All Borders (2016)
Many new students of the martial arts, when searching for a kung fu teacher, often choose the go-to canvas choice of a kung fu teacher that has a Chinese sounding name or discipline of style. Often, people equate this cultural background with proficiency in the art. However, a problem that arises in the Russian community in Los Angeles is finding the teacher that not only gives quality instruction, but can also bridge the cultural divide inherent to being a new citizen in a foreign land.
Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead (2016)

Valery Prosvirov & his son, Dmitry Prosvirov will keep me alive, younger and healthier than any medicine I know of.  I first met them when I was 78 with the firm belief that  the best exercise for someone my age was changing channels on my tv.  My posture was terrible, my balance was pathetic and my flexibility was only good in the hand I used for the remote channel changer.

Martial Arts training?  Kung Fu technique? Ancient Chinese breathing exercises?  Weights?  Falling down and getting up exercises?  I had started to fall down without any training before so who needed it. 

Surely you jest!

Yet they were so confident of the value of all of this in every person’s life that they said my first lesson could be “free”.  So who could resist that magic word?  And that is how it began for me.

Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead.

Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles (2016)

Many paths can lead to the Dark Side. Only one path can lead back to the Light.

The Dark Chronicles follows the stories of Kwi Naru, Val-Sei, and Na'ir, three Jedi destined to confront the darkest parts of their souls in order to find the strength within themselves to bring balance to the Force. With the guidance of their chief master Nir'uus K'Thali, Kwi and Val-Sei must rescue Na'ir from the evil Sith Lord Zan-Zio who he intends to destroy in order to take his place. Val-Sei must also keep Kwi out of the hands of Na'ir, lest he manipulate his mind and turn him to the Dark Side as well.