"Head Master Valeriy is an absolute master of Chinese martial arts" (2015)

"Head Master Valeriy is an absolute master of Chinese martial arts" (2015)
I began my training in kung fu at Golden Dragon Martial Arts School with Head Master Valeriy and Head Instructor Dmitry just over six months ago. I have never enjoyed any type of exercise or fitness activity more, and I have never benefited more, both physically and mentally from training. At 31 years old, I can confidently report that I am in the best shape of my life thanks to the instructors at Golden Dragon. The varied workouts, conditioning and personal attention has kept me returning to continuously challenge myself. An unexpected benefit of my training has been greater focus and control in all areas of life from my work as an attorney to my hobby as a musician.
Head Master Valeriy is an absolute master of Chinese martial arts. His skill and inherent understanding of his craft are immediately obvious. Master Valeriy challenges his students to work their hardest and inspires them to achieve what they did not think was possible—myself included. I am impressed not only with Master Valeriy’s martial arts skills but his patience and ability to efficiently communicate valuable constructive information that helps increase students’ performance. I consider working with Master Valeriy a true privilege and appreciate all the personal attention he has devoted to my kung fu practice.
Head Instructor Dmitry has followed in his father’s footsteps and also is a true expert in martial arts and fitness. Dmitry has consistently challenged me in a way that is never repetitive or discouraging, but always engaging, personal and fun. Dmitry is extremely skilled and patient and pays the utmost attention to each of his students’ development and performance, always offering a helpful tip or modification to make the work pay off. Dmitry has helped me exceed my fitness goals and customized a program for me to keep working.
I am so happy that I began training at Golden Dragon and value the friendly atmosphere, intense training and high level of professionalism that is displayed by everyone at the school. From tough weeknight classes in kung fu to spiritual Saturday morning group tai chi practice, and even classes for kids and seniors, I cannot recommend Golden Dragon, Head Master Valeriy or Head Instructor Dmitry more if you are looking for truly professional martially arts instructors and inspiring coaches. I look forward to reporting more progress after the next 6 months of training, and beyond!
-Mike Salvatore