To Be The Best, Learn From The Best

Valery Prosvirov - Owner, Founder and Headmaster of the School of Martial Arts "Golden Dragon". Year of birth 1966.

He began studying martial arts (Kyokushin Karate and Sambo) in 1978 at the age of 11.

From the summer of 1979 to September 1985 he studied the basics of Chinese kung fu from the traditional martial arts  master Khan Ding Wang.

Master Khan (1902-1987) belonged to the pantheon of Chinese masters and taught in a traditional manner, so the study of the internal and external styles were held simultaneously. The instructor was a great specialist in Hong Jia Quan and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style. Valery's training went on for 5-6 hours every day, which took almost all his free time after school and work. In late 1984, at the insistence of the master he began teaching. 

Head Instructor

Dmitry was born in September 1987 to Valery Prosvirov and Elena Prosvirova. To say that kung fu was in his blood would be an understatement, since he started training at the age of 4. Ever since he could throw a punch, his father has been telling him, 'Faster! More focus!' From childhood, his father has been grooming him to walk the path of The Peaceful Warrior, training him all throughout his youth, and even having other instructors he'd trained work with Dmitry personally. He trained as a pupil until the age of 16 when he became the master's direct apprentice, setting him on the path to become an instructor. The training was tedious, and at times he felt as if it was going nowhere. Yet he was resolute in achieving his goals. After 5 years of arduous work, Dmitry was given the title of manager of Kung Fu of Golden Dragon in March 2008. After six successful months of holding this new leadership position, Master Valery officially endowed Dmitry with the title of instructor, making him the first Golden Dragon student to complete the 8-year instructor training course. And like most martial artists, this would not be the only ring he would throw his hat into.


My name is Sky Shachory. I first came to the Golden Dragon to enjoy some authentic Chinese tea. One week later, I tried my first Tai Chi class.

It was a humbling experience. I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t flexible. I couldn’t control my body enough to perform seemingly simple movements. The class left me exhausted, but I was inspired. I knew I could get better. I knew I could do it.

After drinking tea with Valery, and seeing him in action, it became obvious that he knew something that I did not. I knew he could help me.  

That was June of 2016. I have dedicated myself to my improvement ever since.  Today, the Martial Arts are the focus of my life. Every day as a Martial Artist is better than the last. I am honored to be a part of this school.

I teach Tai Chi.


Art is a manifestation of the soul. No matter what your age or physical condition is, it is available to you through the practice of the martial arts. It's never late to start improving.

I began studying the martial arts when I was 8 years old. As a child, I practiced Karate-Do and Kyokushin Karate. Karate was my focus for 5 years--I won tournaments and had success in national competitions. Eventually, I lost interest in medals and belts, and I spent my adolescence pursuing other interests.

As I became an adult, my priorities changed. Living in Russia, I felt the need to learn self-defense, and I was drawn back to the martial arts. My training began at The Golden Dragon in 2009. The training was difficult, but I quickly realized the Martial Arts are about so much more than the ability to fight. I started overcoming my weaknesses, discovering philosophy, and improving my health. I now dedicate my life to this wonderful art.


Kirill Nesterenkov started his martial arts training in "The Golden Dragon" school in 2003, he trained simultaneously in External (Hung Gar) and Internal (Tai Chi Chuan Yan) systems of traditional Kung Fu.

Kirill started his training as a professional instructor in 2007, in this year he also began to aid Valery Prosvirov in his teaching in mini groups. In 2008 he received from Valery Prosvirov a permit for professional teaching of Internal and External Family styles. He also took part in Kung Fu seminars of "The Golden Dragon" school.

Nesterenkov Kirill gives lessons of Tai Chi Chuan Yan and Hung Gar styles.

Almaz Ibraimov
Rehabilitation Physician

1999-2002 - Medical School.
2001-2002 - Courses of general and therapeutic massage.
2002-2003 - Work in intensive care in city clinical hospital №79.
2004-2005 - A course of rehabilitation massage.
2011 - A doctor. Graduated RSMU class of 2011.

Each of us wants to live happy, but this is no easy task, because you need each day to pay due attention to your body: eat right, to lead a healthy lifestyle, strengthen your body. After all, it is no secret that the movement - is a life! But in the modern world, the shortage of time, chronic fatigue nullify all our good beginnings. We need for a relaxation, distraction from the daily hustle and bustle and endless stress.

The most enjoyable way to pay attention to your body - this massage. You have come to relax, and then everything will make a qualified massage therapist. For example, a head massage relaxes the body, relieves the brain from violent thoughts and emotions.

Positive emotions have a positive impact on the functioning of our organs, according to Eastern medicine in humans there are 7 emotions. For example, the fear damage the kidneys, the liver accumulates anger, sadness - in the lungs, etc. Massage promotes balance of the emotional sphere and as a consequence - improves the function of internal organs. And if the internal organs and systems are working properly, the body ceases to ache, chronic fatigue disappears, life appears more joyful and happy moments - it's prolong life and improves its quality. And we will live happily ever after!

I'm practice chinese massage, diagnosis and leading individual wellness sessions.