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Students talk: Ava's interview (2014)

Ava's questions and answers session.

  1. Have you practiced any martial arts before?

    Before I started training at Golden Dragon I studied taekwondo and tang soo do.

  2. What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

    I had been doing martial arts for 6 years and knew that it was good for my concentration, focus and physical conditioning. I decided I wanted to learn more about Kung Fu.

  3. How long do you practice Kung Fu at GD?

    I've been studying at golden dragon for a year and train whenever I'm in LA.
Students talk: Father and Son on Kung Fu (2014)


How did your family decide your child should start practicing Martial Arts?
Martial arts is widely known to be beneficial to one’s overall being. It provides skills that are useful in every facet of life: self defense, patience, discipline, flexibility, strength, focus, confidence and to some, even spirituality.

How long has your child practiced Kung Fu at Golden Dragon?
Around 7 months

Natalia Miftakhova - interview (2013)

At Golden Dragon Dmitry Prosvirov was my instructor for four years - a year as a group instructor and then I had three years of personal trainings with him. The reason why it was Dmitry who I asked to train me individually was not because he had already been my instructor for a year but because he was the best teacher and trainer I'd ever had. The best because he accumulates all personal and professional qualities needed for being a kung-fu instructor.
The main thing about Dmitry is that he's right in his place. He loves kung-fu, it's his life and he's really keen to tell the world about this martial art, and not only tell but also show and teach. He's deeply and absolutely convinced that kung-fu as a way to health and healthy lifestyle helps people enjoy better lives and be happier. Having practiced kung-fu for more than four years now, I can say that it is really so. Dmitry has shown me this way by his own example and virtue. When you know that you're doing something very important you become best in your profession. This is just about him.

Vasily Pigin - interview (March 19,2013)

To whom it may concern
My daughter Sofia Pigina, 15 y.o. has been attending trainings at children section of Golden Dragon School in Moscow since 2008. The leader of the section Dmitry Prosvirov trained Sofia personally for 3 years. Dmitry manages training process professionally, involving game methods which helped to achieve success in relating and engagement of kids.

Students talk: Gabriel's interview (2013)

Have you practiced any martial arts before?

- Yes I have.

What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

Students talk: Carolyn's interview (2013)
  1. - Have you practiced any martial arts before?

- No, I have never practiced martial arts before.


  1. - What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

    - I knew a little about Qi Gong from my husband, who had studied some stances with a personal trainer and, of course, I knew about martial arts from the movies! I decided to start practicing because a friend encouraged me to try it and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.