Every exercise has a purpose (2017)

Every exercise has a purpose (2017)
Every exercise during class at the Golden Dragon has a purpose. Even the most basic exercises (a wrist rotation, a push-up, or a stretch) deserve full focus and full attention.

If you do an exercise to the best of your ability, you will do it better every time. Your exciting progress will become your new normal - your technique and your physical condition will constantly improve. If you do an exercise in a half-hearted manner, you will never improve. With the minimum amount of effort, you achieve your minimum potential.

As an instructor, the focus of your students is obvious. A person who is focused will maintain the proper stance - they will stand balanced, their eyes sharp, and their breathing controlled.

You do not need to see someone's punching technique to know how quickly they can learn the martial arts - all you need to see is how they do a wrist rotation. If they become bored or lose focus with a simple exercise, their progress will be slow and arduous. The successful student will treat every exercise with respect - they will find the profound in the simple. A wrist rotation will challenge and sharpen not only their wrist movement, but also their understanding of their body and their self as a whole.

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Every student wants to achieve great results - every student wants to get healthy, develop their technique, and improve their body - but few have the focus, persistence, and attention to detail necessary to make speedy progress.

We are a school for those who want to make real progress. Our exercises offer nothing extraneous, nothing unnecessary. Our exercises are refined and precise, and with the proper attention, they offer you the greatest opportunity to improve yourself.

For those who understand, our classes are always fun and always exhilarating. Practicing a backfist-punch-kick combo or a new Tai Chi form is rightfully invigorating, but there is truly nothing more exciting than real progress.

Master the basic, and the complex becomes simple.