Star Wars movie camp (2017)



Star Wars movie camp (2017)
You are invited to Camp Star Wars at the Golden Dragon! April 10th-14th.  Kids of all ages will be joining us for five fun-filled days of Kung Fu training and film-making. Through the course of the week, we will be filming an exciting, action-packed Star Wars movie featuring all of the campers! In making the film, we will practice and develop awesome fight choreography, confidence in front of the camera, and Kung Fu technique. The film will advance the storyline from our previous Camp Star Wars movies, add new characters and plot twists, and include plenty of epic light saber battles!
The camp will be led by Dmitry, who will also edit the final movie for a viewing party. This years camp will also include trip to the beach! (and a scene at the beach!)....the Jedi will battle the dark side, but we will all come together at the Golden Dragon to create a GREAT film and have a lot of fun. We hope you will join us!