Star Wars Force Camp Academy

Star Wars Movie Summer Camp (2017)

Need to find a fun activity for your child this summer? Our Kung Fu movie and martial arts training camps are a great way for kids to get exposure to traditional martial arts and film-making, while having fun! Our programs are designed to provide kids of all ages with an introduction to martial arts while also starring in our Star Wars themed short films. Our camps are a great way for kids to get exercise while learning the basics of martial arts. Even more importantly, martial arts will help your child develop important life skills: Focus, Discipline, Confidence and Health, all while having a great time.

If your kids dream of being an action movie star, our studio Kung Fu of Golden Dragon is the right place for them! er Focus, Discipline, Confidence.
Encourage your kids to try themselves in front of the camera with no pressure and among great spirited people. We look forward to seeing you at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school.

$350 per week

June 12-16

June 19-23

July 10-14

August  7-11

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Star Wars movie camp (2017)
You are invited to Camp Star Wars at the Golden Dragon! April 10th-14th.  Kids of all ages will be joining us for five fun-filled days of Kung Fu training and film-making. Through the course of the week, we will be filming an exciting, action-packed Star Wars movie featuring all of the campers! In making the film, we will practice and develop awesome fight choreography, confidence in front of the camera, and Kung Fu technique. The film will advance the storyline from our previous Camp Star Wars movies, add new characters and plot twists, and include plenty of epic light saber battles!
The camp will be led by Dmitry, who will also edit the final movie for a viewing party. This years camp will also include trip to the beach! (and a scene at the beach!)....the Jedi will battle the dark side, but we will all come together at the Golden Dragon to create a GREAT film and have a lot of fun. We hope you will join us!
Star Wars Force Camp Video Premiere (2016)

Episode 4: The Living Force

During the summer of 2016, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon held a 3-week Star-Wars-themed course for the Tiger and Dragon students where they learned basic camera acting, fight choreography, and kung fu techniques. They worked hard, they played even harder, and they gave their best effort for the silver screen. The result – we completed the first installment of our fanfiction send-up, The Dark
Chronicles: A Star Wars Tale. Each of our young actors brought their character to life and helped to light up the story!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy23.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy25.jpg

Star Wars Summer Camp. Week 2 (2016)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's second week of Star Wars Summer Camp was just as awesome as the first, if not more in some ways! While the first week was focused on filming a part of our sendup series, Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles, this week was all about using the skills we learned so far for FUN!
Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 5 (2016)
Today was the big Wrap Day. After such a high-paced week, we decided to start shooting earlier so the kids could relax for the second half of the day.

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy18.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy17.jpg

After we got the Martini shot, everyone still felt the power of the Force. So what better way to use that energy than games, right? The teachers were also pleased with the students' curious nature; kids were asking questions about how the filming and editing process would work, how the fight scenes were supposed to come together – all while hinting toward the next camp!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy19.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy20.jpg

Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 4 (2016)
Thursday proved to be the most challenging day for everyone, and the students impressed their teachers with their positive attitude and hard work.

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy15.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy16.jpg

Along with fill-in scenes, we filmed the featured fight scenes for this episode, as well as the next episode, Spark in the Shadows. Luckily we found time before filming for fun and games, including new acting games for the entire group. If any this week could give the kids an idea of life on a big-time movie set, this would be it.


Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 3 (2016)
Today was extra fun because we received some extra help from two awesome individuals, Michele Prymicz and Natasha Kalinsky.

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy8.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy10.jpg

Prymicz served as 1st Camera and AD, while Kalinsky stepped into her role as the Sith villain Shuma, and even helped with cinematography and fight scenes.


Both of these ladies' help was indispensible, and they helped to bring out a new energy in the students that made their performances that much better. As a side project, three of our actors even put together their own fight scene, complete with backstory and choregraphy done all own their own.
Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 2 (2016)
Kicking off the second day was even more fun than expected!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy4.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy5.jpg

After training and a quick costume parade, the cast took group photos and warmed up with acting games and kung fu before the first day of shooting. The beginning was hectic, due to EVERYBODY (including the director) getting cases of the giggles, but once the laughs were out, the work came together well.
Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 1 (2016)
Today marks the first day of our Star Wars Force Summer Camp at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon! We have lots of fun and hard work planned this week, so today was all about PREPARATION! Our young padawans began their day with kung fu and lightsaber training, followed by an intensive fight choregraphy seminar led by Dmitry and Bohannon. After lunch, the kids broke off into groups for acting games and script reading. Everyone was excited about building their character for the upcoming shoot. They even got to design their own costumes! With our cast ready, and the crew helping to put things in full swing, everyone went home anxious for the next big day (after group games, of course).
A short time ago, at a dojo not so far away... (2016)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon will be holding its next Star Wars Summer Force Camp on June 27 2016. Improve your child's skills and abilities in Kung Fu and acting with the Force! Our last workshop was a sweeping success, and we're planning even BIGGER things for the upcoming sessions.