A short time ago, at a dojo not so far away... (2016)


A short time ago, at a dojo not so far away... (2016)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon will be holding its next Star Wars Summer Force Camp on June 27 2016. Improve your child's skills and abilities in Kung Fu and acting with the Force! Our last workshop was a sweeping success, and we're planning even BIGGER things for the upcoming sessions.

The first sessions will be focused on Kung Fu training and choreography, with emphasis on forms and team sets. We will also be training in lightsaber forms, so Early Birds, make sure to come and order your sabers ASAP for the best training experience!

The next sessions will cover screen acting, complete with principle and method training, along with screen tests for the kids. We'll be playing all kinds of acting games and going over how to score and break down scripts, all in preparation for our upcoming shoot with Gold Stanley and West Empire Productions, The Dark Chronicles!

To close out the workshop, we will hold an excursion to for the final test of their new Force skills: Jedi vs. Sith – Holocron Hunter. Only one team can win, and they can only win as a team. Mandatory, awareness is. Work together to prevail, they must. Which side will win? Sign up today to find out, and may the Force be with you!