First day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

First day of shooting the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Tuesday was a full day for everyone at the kwoon. This would be the day that all of the drills, reps, and meticulous choreography would pay off. Master Valery's cinematic brainchild, Lessons of Fate, is a working series that tells the story of a young man on a voyage toward self-discovery and enlightenment, and of the obstacles he encounters along the way. While the main character's journey is rocky, he wasn't the only one suffering from bumps and bruises. In the few short hours we spent filming, we gained enough bangs and bumps to remind us why martial arts cinema is one of the hardest professions in the world.

When the crew arrived on set around 11 a.m., we immediately began setting up the scene to prepare for some fight calls. Cinematographer Donnie Logan and his assistant Amy Wood, were dazzled by Dmitry and Bohannon's first fight as they set up different angles from which to capture all the action. All the thrills and spills turned into one man's chills when a misplaced kick landed square on Bohannon's forehead, giving him a bump and the first badge of Funder Blunder on the set. After a moment's rest and an ice pack, however, he was no worse for the wear, and continued with Dmitry to wrap the first sequence.
Next, Dmitry's character had to face the Master, which was just as dangerous as it sounds. Master Valery exercises control and precision with pretty much everything he does. He is also a bit of a perfectionist. Bohannon found this out the hard way during a previous fight scene, and Dmitry already knew this all too well. So when Dmitry stepped too close during their combo, Valery let him feel a touch of a roundhouse that rocked Dima's shoulder and sent him careening to the ground. Even with impact force taken off, that type of kick from Master Valery is enough to take any normal person out of commission for the day. Fortunately for the cast and crew, Dima is as tough as a coffin nail. Once he was able to move his arm again, Dmitry shook it off and continued through the scene like a warrior.

The full filming day left us aching and tired, and we couldn't have asked for a funner time. Associate producer Jeff Silberman not only got to enjoy seeing the creative process in person, he offered moral support as well as ice packs for the random injuries. We wrapped with the crew and then enjoyed delicious craft services provided by Elena Prosvirova, complete with organic fruits, authentic Chinese tea, and (of course) delicious cream puffs. After the hard work that went into this great project, we all more than earned our keep.

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