Inside the Dragon's Lair (2016)
Mission Statement: At Kung Fu Golden Dragon Martial Arts School, founded by Grand Master Valery Prosvirov, we believe that the practice and principles of kung fu can in fact change the world for the better. As a student of our discipline and an instructor-in-training, I have both experienced and witnessed the positive effects of kung fu in my life and the lives of others. This interview series will attempt to allow an objective retrospective view on how our discipline has benefited the lives of our students...
Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles (2016)

Many paths can lead to the Dark Side. Only one path can lead back to the Light.

The Dark Chronicles follows the stories of Kwi Naru, Val-Sei, and Na'ir, three Jedi destined to confront the darkest parts of their souls in order to find the strength within themselves to bring balance to the Force. With the guidance of their chief master Nir'uus K'Thali, Kwi and Val-Sei must rescue Na'ir from the evil Sith Lord Zan-Zio who he intends to destroy in order to take his place. Val-Sei must also keep Kwi out of the hands of Na'ir, lest he manipulate his mind and turn him to the Dark Side as well.