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Wise Yang said:

-Knowledge sets a person free.

Little Yin asked:

-Is it true that a lot of knowledge can bring a lot of grief?

Wise Yang replied:

- So they say, when they put on a good face during a bad game.

Little yin asked:

-Is the Path of Knowledge - infinite?

Wise Yang answered:

- Knowledge has no borders, but only a free man can walk this Path.

Two Ways

-There are two ways - said Wise Yang. - Path of Knowledge and the Way of Suffering.

-But how to distinguish these paths? - asked the Little yin.

Walking on the Path of Knowledge is easy and pleasant, walking on the Path of Suffering - painful, - replied the Wise Yang.

On the Path of Knowledge you are cheerful and healthy, while on the Path of Suffering you are exhausted. And when you're exhausted, you need to be comforted.

The Code of Kung Fu masters
  • Relationships between people must be determined by wisdom and faithfulness. Know thyself, respect and love seniors, honor ancestors, take care of the weak and the younger ones.
  • Communicating with people, do not do things you are not worthy of doing.
  • Use all the good natural qualities.
  • Do not use force to elucidate relationships.
  • Return good for good and justice for evil.
  • Strive to see life in everything.
  • That which you don't wish yourself, do not do to others.
  • In all your troubles blame but yourself.
About Morals
  • Seeing how the strong is bullyin the weak, a passerby intervenes and defends justice. A Monk with his body shields his mentor from the arrows of committing excesses soldiers and dies, saving mentor's life.
  • A Knight allows an opponent to pick up a dropped sword to continue the fight. Having found out during the fight a clear superiority of the opponent, master of Kung Fu removes for the woods, where he completely gives himself to training, perfecting his technique and state of mind.
Yin and Yang

Without a doubt, the symbol, associated with East, which embodies its mystery and inconceivability is well known to everybody ... However, is this ancient symbol as incomprehensible as it is thought to be? Let's try to understand the magic of black and white circle. Long ago have the Chinese noticed that the world - is not a chaotic conglomeration of objects and phenomena, but a combination of pairs opposing each other concepts: night and day, heaven and earth, full and empty, motion and rest, and etc.

Roots of Kung Fu

Roots of Kung Fu go well into the time immemorial. The earliest traces can be found, perhaps even in the primitive era. And it is quite certain that during the Zhou Dynasty (XI - III centuries. BC) in China, in addition to ritual combat dances, existed jiaoli [a kind of wrestling], which, along with archery and the art of chariot riding, was a major part of the general military exercises.

Nei Gu in a Hua Shan mountain

Hua Shan is a very special place for every practicioner Taoist. Mentor Zhang Fen Nei used to tell Nei that he will have to spend five days inside a cave hollowed out in the granite slope, meditating in complete solitude and darkness. This practice is required in order to learn to feel the energy flow within, as part of events, taking place in the world.

Little Nei and the Lunar Rider

Long, long ago, when the time was measured in chishenyah, equal to two familiar to us hours, in a peasant village at the foot of Chinese mountains Sunshan lived Nei, who went by - Little Nei . He was already ten years of age, but since both his parents died three years ago, he almost didn't get any bigger and now was no taller then two bundles of firewood, which was collected by the neighbor boys in the woods. When all his peers were playing in the street, dividing themselves into robbers and the Imperial soldiers guarding the convoy, he could only watch the game from the window, feeling sorry that he would never get to play with everyone else, but they would shower him with jeers for his weakness and short stature. His old grandmother tried to persuade him to leave the house but it was like flagging a dead horse, he flatly refused, remembering past wrongdoings inflicted on him by evil boys ...

Golden Dragon's children martial arts school

Wouldn't you like your child to develop amazing self-discipline, a positive attitude and an unstoppable "can-do" level of confidence?
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Martial arts is one of the very best ways to help children gain self-discipline, respect and confidence—essential traits for success in school, at home and in life.

What parents need to know about martial arts

You'll laugh, but the goal of martial arts is not to learn to swing fists. The true goal of martial arts is self-development, striving for harmony between mental and physical health.