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Golden Dragon's Birthday Party (2016)
It is a well known statistic that about 70% of small businesses fail within the first year. After that, it's said, the best formula for keeping a successful business alive is loyalty to clients, a product that people can rely upon, and a strong network. All of those bases are covered here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, which is why we are proud to celebrate our 4th Anniversary in business here in the United States. Our dojo on Santa Monica Blvd. was bustling with friends and family all gathered for the awesome festivities. What's more, not only were we celebrating the school, but also the birthday of our Head Instructor, Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov.

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Let's Go Hiking! Kung Fu of Golden Dragon (2016)

Family Hike Day in Malibu

Kung fu is about more than just fighting or fitness. It is about balance, unity, and spiritual awareness. Virtually nothing works better for gaining these in a pinch than getting outside and communing with nature. Come join us as KFoGD hosts its 2nd Annual Family Hike Day this Saturday, October 15th in Malibu. The hike will begin at 5:00 p.m. at... Please make sure to bring water, as well as a camera phone for some gorgeous photos of the sunset! Kung Fu of Golden Dragon focuses on many different methods to attaining self-awareness – from meditation and Tai Chi to disciplined practice of form in pursuit of formlessness, the Grandmaster's teachings are fashioned to help his students gain better understanding of the world around them and their place in it. But sometimes in order to figure out your place in the world, you have to get out into it. Come enjoy a wonderful outing with our Kung Fu family this Saturday!

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Hiking (2016).png

Shared route
From (34.0403724,-118.4650058) to Corral Canyon Cave via CA-1 N.

56 min (25 mi)
59 min in current traffic

1. Head northwest on Amherst Ave toward Rochester Ave
2. Turn right onto Goshen Ave
3. Turn left onto S Gretna Green Way
4. Turn left onto San Vicente Blvd
5. Turn right onto S 26th St
6. Continue onto Allenford Ave
7. Use any lane to turn left onto Sunset Blvd
8. Turn right onto CA-1 N
9. Turn right onto Corral Canyon Rd
10. Corral Canyon Rd turns right and becomes Mesa Peak Motorway
11. Arrive at location: Corral Canyon Cave

For the best route in current traffic visit https://goo.gl/maps/nvzvFtsiz8y

Golden Dragon's 4th Birthday Party (2016)
Let's celebrate!!! Golden Dragon is turning 4!!! Come with family! Kung Fu performances! Fun Family Kung Fu Games! And of course Birthday Cake!

Golden Dragon - Birthday Party (2016).jpg

During the seminar Master Valery said 'good' to me the very first time since I started training! It was during the partners' work doing Gung Fa technique (2016)
Tue: the day before I was thinking a little too much of a situation in my life I wanted to let go of and I knew had I not succeeded to do it before our Kung Fu seminar I'd totally forget all I need to forget during the seminar. And that's what happened. Intense workout frees your mind and improves your body. I do half day - only 3 hours of training instead of 6. It is intense but so well put together, based of Grand Master's knowledge of human physiology and physical abilities, that it feels just right. During the seminar Master Valery said 'good' to me the very first time since I started training! It was during the partners' work doing Gung Fa technique. Wed: it was our Master Dima's birthday. I came in the evening. We had quite an intense training and then Grand Master Valery asked us to sit cross legged with our eyes half closed. Then someone turned the lights down. We were in complete darkness focusing on our inner vision when Dima's Mom Elena and wife Baya with son Mark walked in with a chocolate cake with 29 candles on it. We got to replace some of the list calories after the training!
Valery Prosvirov is nothing less than a personal training magician. He has the most profound knowledge of human body and he is capable to condition yours to unimaginable levels (2016)
Those who know me are aware of my not so friendly relationship with social media. So for me, to be inspired to make a post on FB, something exceptional has to happen. And it has! This week! At Kung Fu of Golden Dragon! I attended an event so fulfilling, intense, challenging, extraordinary and health inspiring that I couldn't help but share it with everyone. For 6 days I participated in the 3rd Annual International Kung Fu Seminar held at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon taught by the Grand Master of Los Angeles Valery Prosvirov. Every day for 6 hours we trained in stamina, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Gong Fa, Chin Na and Kung Fu. Before the seminar starts, you don't know how your body will react. You think that even with all the training you've done prior, 6 hours of training a day is beyond your abilities, it sounds scary and almost unrealistic. But then you train: day by day your body reaches into deep reserve you weren't aware of and you begin to notice an incredible transformation physically, mentally and emotionally.
Star Wars Force Camp Video Premiere (2016)

Episode 4: The Living Force

During the summer of 2016, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon held a 3-week Star-Wars-themed course for the Tiger and Dragon students where they learned basic camera acting, fight choreography, and kung fu techniques. They worked hard, they played even harder, and they gave their best effort for the silver screen. The result – we completed the first installment of our fanfiction send-up, The Dark
Chronicles: A Star Wars Tale. Each of our young actors brought their character to life and helped to light up the story!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy23.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy25.jpg

Star Wars Summer Camp. Week 2 (2016)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's second week of Star Wars Summer Camp was just as awesome as the first, if not more in some ways! While the first week was focused on filming a part of our sendup series, Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles, this week was all about using the skills we learned so far for FUN!
DragonFest (2016)
Since our American school's opening in July 2012, it has been a tradition of ours to attend as many functions in the Los Angeles martial arts community as we can in order to meet with others as passionate about the art as we are. One of our favorite events is the Annual DragonFest organized by the Martial Arts Museum. Each event has been more exciting than the next, and this year was no different. When Mike Matsuda promises a fun, star-studded celebration, he definitely delivers!
Song of The Golden Dragon Video Shoot (2016)
It is said that all of our small accomplishments prepare us for our contribution to even bigger accomplishments. Some might see this as luck, others would declare that this is how fate works. For Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov and his proginees at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, it's simply a matter of all the pieces falling into place.

Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon.jpeg   Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon2.jpeg   Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon3.jpeg

This past Sunday we were honored to shoot action sequences for a new video release of Estas Tonne's hit acoustic song, The Song of the Golden Dragon.

Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon4.jpeg   Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon5.jpeg   Song_of_The_Golden_Dragon6.jpeg

Star Wars Summer Camp – Day 5 (2016)
Today was the big Wrap Day. After such a high-paced week, we decided to start shooting earlier so the kids could relax for the second half of the day.

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy18.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy17.jpg

After we got the Martini shot, everyone still felt the power of the Force. So what better way to use that energy than games, right? The teachers were also pleased with the students' curious nature; kids were asking questions about how the filming and editing process would work, how the fight scenes were supposed to come together – all while hinting toward the next camp!

Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy19.jpg   Star_Wars_Force_Camp_Academy20.jpg