Kid’s physical training


Healthy Kids

Kids need to be healthy so that they could become successful in life. It’s our job as parents to take care of them and keep them away from trouble. There is a way to minimize the chances of them getting sick or injured and it is through traditional Chinese training. The training will develop their bodies, strengthen their immune systems, and will provide them the discipline they need at their age. Don’t make them into athletes. Athletes have the highest rates of injuries. Keep them safe and healthy. Get them to train today.

Free Kung Fu training for children.
Only in September! Every Saturday FREE!
Harry! Ends Saturday Sept 29!
School of Chinese Martial Arts "Golden Dragon" invites children to free classes on Kung Fu.
What is Kung Fu? Kung Fu is not a sport. Kung Fu is the Way. Kung Fu - is self-development, harmony, mental and physical health.
Join Us! But you have to know Kung Fu - it's not fun. This is serious work, discipline and focus.