Report after the Fight Choreography Seminar (December 8, 2013)

Report after the Fight Choreography Seminar (December 8, 2013)

We are proud to report that Fight Choreography Seminar which took place on December 8, 2013 got a huge success. We all had a great time with great Martial Artists. The attendees enriched their Martial Arts experience and received key knowledge on fighting in front of the camera. Seminar agenda was full of interesting workouts led by Cynthia and Valery.

 Our event was also supported by other important Martial Arts figures:

Don “The Dragon” Wilson - 11-time World Champion Kickboxer, action movie star, producer, director and just a nice guy.

Craig Heimbichner - Producer, Screen Writer, Actor and teacher of Wing Chun stile as authorized by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Art Camacho who is an award winning film director, producer, martial artist, fight choreographer, stuntman, action stunt-fighting workshops for martial artists and actors.

Before we start, please note, there is no video filming during the seminar. You will find the agenda of today’s seminar in your folder.

Great workouts were awarded by great lunch generously provided by our neighbor restaurants: Elaine's Bakery and Cafe, Daily Grill and California Pizza Kitchen. And Golden Dragon Tea Room was brewing the finest Chinese tea during the lunch.

Golden dragon is planning to hold next Special Event in the beginning of the next year, we'll post information very soon. Check out the news on our Facebook page

Photo report about the seminar held December 8, 2013