Shihan Allen Woodman's Visit to Golden Dragon (March.22.2015)

Shihan Allen Woodman's Visit to Golden Dragon (March.22.2015)

On March 22nd, our school was honored to receive a special guest who is well-renowned in the martial arts world. Sensei Allen Woodman, who has more than 40 years of martial arts training in numerous styles such as Kyokushin and Wing Chun (including direct tutelage under the late great Sosai Mas Oyama and Yip Chun, son of Yip Man), stopped by the school to commiserate with Master Valery and show some cool techniques to some of his esteemed pupils.

Sensei Woodman is best known for his many publications about karate and the martial arts, including his book My Karate: A Personal Journey: and his publishing company, Sidekick Publications. Aside from just the theoretical aspect of the art, Woodman is more than knowledgeable about the practical applications of his art, having trained some of the world's most elite personal bodyguards as well as holding the profession for a time himself. Here is just a glimpse of his stunning speed and martial knowledge:


Master Valery and his students were blessed to get to hang out with such a pivotal figure in the martial arts community. Master Valery himself regards Woodman as “a real fighter; not [a] sport fighting teacher. He knows and teaches what works in real fighting.” But let Shihan Woodman tell you, and he will say he “hates fighting,” referring to himself as a 'conflict resolver.' If the person's conflict turns them into a threat, he aims to neutralize the threat in order to bring peace to the environment. As a true martial artist knows to do.

We all had a great time meeting with Sensei Woodman and look forward to hosting him again in the future. OSU!