Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May 7 2016)

07.05.2016 18:00:00
Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May 7 2016)

  • At Golden Dragon Martial Arts School, the only thing we love more than kung fu is teaching others to love kung fu as well. This is why we hold such high esteem when promoting our students and awarding them for a job well done. On May 7, 2016, we held our 2nd Annual Golden Dragon Award Ceremony and Demonstration at our Santa Monica location. While all of our students exhibited exceptional growth and improvement, our shining stars were the young Pandas who have been moving up the ranks as fast as greased lightning. Our two youngest pupils, Emma Dorner and Zoya Kalinsky, were awarded with the titles of Dragon Warriors, making them the youngest to receive the titles at our school.

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  • The parents were also treated to performances by our progenies; the entire class performed Dmitry's form in unison, followed by a Hung Gar demonstration and a two-man set performed by Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr. Finally, we watched Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov and his elegant and masterful rendition of his Yang Style Tai Chi form. Our demonstrations aimed to show not only what our students are capable of, but what they can aspire to achieve with hard work, practice, and discipline.


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  • All of our pupils have made great strides in their training, fr om a five-year-old performing Wooden Man drills to Dragon level students learning elements in swordplay and choreography. We are excited to see wh ere their iron wills shall take them from here, and will be there to guide them every step of the way.
  • “If you want to be the best, train with the best.”

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