Effects of kung fu on development of children

Effects of kung fu on development of children

However, Kung Fu has still a much greater impact on entire human organism.

One of the main advantages of Kung Fu training lays in the engagement of nearly all muscle groups and body systems. This ensures a harmonious development of the human body.

Alternations of static with dynamic exercises positively affect the abilities and mobility of joints, thoroughly develop ligaments, develop muscular system, improve endurance, etc. Exercising regularly gradually instills the habit of proper breathing, combined with high training pace creates specific requirements for the respiratory system, adherence with which increases lung capacity.

Besides that, deep diaphragm breathing allows for massaging of internal organs and improves blood circulation in the lower body organs. Proper exercising also helps develop the quickness of motion, reaction and agility.

Frequent combination of motion with relaxation makes a child more balanced in the everyday life, allowing for a better control of own emotions.

Concentration during exercising positively affects the nervous system – achievement of good coordination is almost impossible without doing so!

Frequent exercises strengthen cardiovascular system. The studies of Chinese scientist have shown that heart muscle is thicker in those that exercise. A heart like this is known to pump more blood with every contraction; if one were to abruptly halt an exercise, the normal heart rate would recover very quickly.

Just like any other sport, it’s best to start training in Kung Fu right from childhood, while the joints are still very mobile and muscle are elastic.

Moreover, specialists claim that training helps attain greater results in study. Besides that, martial arts in children develop such necessary life qualities as courage, will, perseverance...