Why I do Kung Fu

Why I do Kung Fu

2. To be healthy

I jump and run a lot in training. The more I train, the less often I get sick. The less I get sick and the more I train, the faster I grow and the stronger I get.

3. To think better

The better my movements are, the faster I get. I even begin to think faster and better, because the fitter I am, the more I can do.

4. To be balanced and calm

Because I move a lot in training and have learned to focus, I am calmer and more balanced. My teachers and parents have noticed – Kung Fu helps me to concentrate.

5. To be flexible

Stretching is lots of fun and really important. It helps me to get stronger and fitter – the more flexible I am, the more I can do.

6. To get stronger

We do a lot of pushups, squats; we run and jump a lot. Sometimes it gets very difficult, but when the class is over, we still have energy to play. Every day I am becoming stronger for longer and soon will be able to beat my dad at wrestling.

7. To defend myself and my friends

When I train a lot, I get more confident in my abilities and myself. Confidence and skills help me to not be afraid of bullies.

8. To have new friends

There are a lot of children at Golden Dragon – I like to be friends with them, here I have a lot of friends and we spend a lot of time together after training.


9. I like the instructor at Golden Dragon Kung Fu School

Kung Fu instructors at Golden Dragon can do a lot of things. They do everything with us. We have someone to look up to. Also sometimes we have tea ceremonies, where instructors tell us lots interesting stories.

10. I watched “Kung Fu Panda” and after that I wanted to become just as awesome

I love movies, but most of all “Kung Fu Panda”- this movie is very funny and Panda is very kind and strong. I want to be like Panda.