Our Class Schedule

  1. Kids 3+/ Adults 14+/ Seniors 60+
  2. Kung Fu (Traditional Hung Gar style with 5 animal forms, full body workout transforming your lifestyle)
  3. Chin Na (Self-defense techniques that provide confidence in own abilities and control of every situation)
  4. Qigong (Breathing based movements that engage the whole body without risk of injury)
  5. Gong Fa (Exercises that develop all muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and joints to make you the best you can be)
  6. Tai Chi (Seamless exercises based on smooth, flowing movements that are safe, low impact and great at rejuvenating the body and mind

You can find our class schedule & price here:

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More and more doctors today recommend Tai Chi and Qigong to individuals with physical and health difficulties.

Classes are limited to 10-15 students

Pay online here:

Kung Fu, Taichi, Chigong classes
Kung Fu, Taichi, Chigong classes


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