Our Class Schedule

  1. /upload/medialibrary/60f/60f9f5f426903316346531b511d99670.jpgAdults 14+/ Seniors 60+ / Kids 3-13
  2. Kung Fu (Traditional Hung Zha Chuan style with 5 animal forms—The development of the fundamentals of technique and self-defense. A full body workout transforming your lifestyle)
  3. Tai Chi (Seamless exercises based on smooth, flowing movements. Safe, low impact, effective for self-defense, and great at rejuvenating the body and mind).
  4. Chi Gong (Breathing based movement. Remarkably healthy exercises that engage and develop the whole body without risk of injury)

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This is our Schedule   This is our Schedule

More and more doctors today recommend Tai Chi and Qigong to individuals with physical and health difficulties.

Classes are limited to 10-15 students

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Kung Fu, Taichi, Chigong classes
Kung Fu, Taichi, Chigong classes