Professional Athlete Training

Professional Athlete Training Program (2017)
Grand Master Valery Prosvirov offers a world-class training program specifically designed for professional athletes.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) combined with traditional Chinese medicine is the perfect system for achieving physical and mental excellence. The lifestyle of the professional athlete is very demanding, and an athletes training regiment must be perfect to ensure the greatest success and the healthiest career.

After 40 years of intensive training, Valery Prosvirov is one of the world's greatest Masters of Traditional Martial Arts. His training and teaching has afforded him complete knowledge of the form and function of the human body. He is an authority on the philosophical and mental aspects of training the individual.

Valery offers world-class personal training and consultation for professional athletes—guaranteed to improve speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and all around bounce. TCMA is a time-tested, 5000-year-old technology of human health and wellness. When practiced correctly, it will clear the path towards limitless human potential--ultimately perfecting the health of the body, and prolonging an athlete's playing day career.

Do not allow age or injury to limit you from living up to your full potential. In the current world of professional sports, doctor's and trainers have incorporated countless new technologies and trendy methods of physical development, but have these methods really worked? The constant headlines of devastating injuries and careers-cut-short are a sad reminder that very few athletes today are actually being trained and treated the right way.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is the right way. Hard work can get you very far as a professional athlete—but working smarter, staying healthy, and getting the most out of your time and effort is what will separate you from your opponent. You can do this when you join forces with Grand Master Valery Prosvirov.

The world's best should work together.
Retired Athlete Program (2017)
Grandmaster Valery Prosvirov offers the perfect training program for the physical development and rehabilitation of retired professional athletes.

The end of an athlete's playing career should not be marked by declining health or the deterioration of their once-dynamic physical abilities. Athletes should not have to live with agonizing pain for the rest of their lives. No, it is not natural for the body to suffer.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is a path to ageless health and improvement within one's body. At 50-years-old, Master Valery is stronger, faster, more flexible, more skillful, and has greater stamina than ever before. The correct practice of traditional techniques and methods will enable him to improve, develop, and perfect his body for decades to come. With his guidance, you can do the same for yourself.

Turning to medication to improve your quality of life is the easy way, but was your path to greatness easy? Modern Physical Therapists claimed they could improve the quality of your life, but did they?
These medications and therapy methods neglect the body as a complete system in their treatment of mistakenly diagnosed “isolated” issues.

There is nothing “isolated” within a human life. Traditional Chinese Martial Arts training with Master Valery focuses on the complete health and wellness of your body, and guarantees you the best experience in all the aspects of your life-- mental, physical, emotional, and social. There is a healthy way to continue your lifelong pursuit of physical excellence. There is a cure for your aches and pains. There is a way to reclaim and expand your physical abilities. That way is through training with Grand Master Valery Prosvirov.