Anti-Bullying: Solving the Whole Problem (2016)


Anti-Bullying: Solving the Whole Problem (2016)
At Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Martial Arts School in West Los Angeles, we understand that one of the biggest challenges for children growing up is dealing with bullies. Feeling like a victim can hamper one's ability to learn, grow, and contribute in school and other areas. However, we also understand that the problem goes further than simply teaching self defense to those who are being bullied. Bullies usually pick on others because they feel unsafe or inadequate; they may be getting bullied themselves, feel insecure about something in their own lives, or just don't know how to express themselves.

Our goal is to treat the whole problem of bullying by instilling values in children that have issues and need help fighting their fear of others or, in some cases, themselves. Our self defense techniques give kids the confidence to not allow themselves to be victimized while also giving them the self-control and compassion to know how to diffuse problems before they escalate. Traditional Chinese kung fu at its core is about creating peace, and this is a core value we emphasize in our training.

Our Children’s Self Defense program is designed to not only teach the art of fighting, but the value of not fighting. When children learn the values of respect and discipline in conjunction with martial arts, the idea of being part of the bullying equation (bully or victim) quickly fades away.