Action Studio

A film about self-realization through the practice of Tai Chi (2017)

The Golden Dragon and The Donnies The Amys present “Empty Threats”

This video was set in motion by our Headmaster Valery Prosvirov's love of music. Valery, who constantly has an ear out for new tunes, happened upon a european acoustic track called “The Song of the Golden Dragon.” Valery decided it would serve as a fitting accompaniment to a martial arts video, and he hired cinematographer Donnie Logan to make a short film.

In the course of his work, Donnie realized he had a better song to play with Valery's performance. Donnie is an accomplished musician, and his band had just completed a track titled “Empty Threats”. Donnie made two videos - one for pay, and one for passion - and it was clear that “Empty Threats” was the perfect partner for Valery's Tai Chi.

Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon
How does the Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School differ from other schools?

Most action studios are filled with lots of equipment and staffed with instructors who teach stunt work across a variety of levels. An experienced cameraman will film you and your classmates as you leap across ropes and fly through the air doing summersaults. A clever editor will add visual effects, turning you into the next 'Superman', 'Batman' or 'Ironman'.
None of this is meaningful.