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06.06.2018 22:38:59
Doing what you need to do is the ultimate freedom.
“Doing what you want to do is the ultimate prison. Doing what you need to do is the ultimate freedom.”
-Tao Te Tzin

Every day, there are things we need to do.

We need to breath. We need to drink.

We must eat.
We have to work, and then we have to rest.

We do these things to survive, but we can do more than just survive. We can learn, we can improve, we can be inspired, and we can create—this process gives meaning to our lives.

Yusup Surkhaykhanov from LA

I am 66 years old and it’s been five month since I became a student at the school of martial arts "Golden Dragon". I did not come here with a purpose to learn fighting, but in order to master the breathing gymnastics Qigong. Now I work on both Qigong and Taiji-24 forms as they are taught in complex. In the process of training I feel a lot of gradual changes within me, - and all these changes make me very happy. My muscles are strengthening and slightly increasing in volume, all the joints are being worked throughout. I cannot do split-ups of course (maybe just yet!), but progress in flexibility is gradually taking place. I can run up to my apartment on the fourth floor quickly and without stops to catch my breath. But all these results are expected and natural. The most surprising and completely unexpected thing for me personally is something I could not dream of: I stopped slouching!...

What’s your excuse? (2018)
“...didn’t sleep well last night.”
“...ate the wrong thing for lunch.”
“...too sore from yesterday’s training.”
“...a rough day at work.”
“...I am just getting over a cold.”
“...there is a big game on TV.”

People who have excuses, will always have excuses.
It is important to realize that you will never have a day when training is the easy thing to do. Doing pushups, difficult stretching, and challenging techniques will always require determination and motivation. Progress requires more than the inspiration to begin—it requires the willpower and spirit to continue when things get difficult or tedious.

Progress takes work—work you have to do regardless of your mood. A good mood is something to enjoy, but the reward for good work is a feeling that is more than any mood.
A film about self-realization through the practice of Tai Chi (2017)

The Golden Dragon and The Donnies The Amys present “Empty Threats”

This video was set in motion by our Headmaster Valery Prosvirov's love of music. Valery, who constantly has an ear out for new tunes, happened upon a european acoustic track called “The Song of the Golden Dragon.” Valery decided it would serve as a fitting accompaniment to a martial arts video, and he hired cinematographer Donnie Logan to make a short film.

In the course of his work, Donnie realized he had a better song to play with Valery's performance. Donnie is an accomplished musician, and his band had just completed a track titled “Empty Threats”. Donnie made two videos - one for pay, and one for passion - and it was clear that “Empty Threats” was the perfect partner for Valery's Tai Chi.

Every exercise has a purpose (2017)
Every exercise during class at the Golden Dragon has a purpose. Even the most basic exercises (a wrist rotation, a push-up, or a stretch) deserve full focus and full attention.

If you do an exercise to the best of your ability, you will do it better every time. Your exciting progress will become your new normal - your technique and your physical condition will constantly improve. If you do an exercise in a half-hearted manner, you will never improve. With the minimum amount of effort, you achieve your minimum potential.
Cyber Bullying: Liza's Prosvirova Story (2017)Kung Fu for Kids, Kung Fu giving you understanding of how to make a deal with bully
First of all, I love my iPhone. It can do lots of cool stuff like playing videos, posting funny pictures, and you can even make mini movies with it. But I like it the most because it helps me stay in touch with friends and use the internet. It's like having the world at your fingertips. But sometimes you can find things that make the world seem bitter and dark. Some people use the internet only to make other people feel bad or threatened. Those people are cyber-bullies, and when they attack people on social media for no reason, they make the whole internet look bad. It's even worse when they can bully you by contacting you personally, because then you don't feel safe, and you feel like you can't use your phone for things that you're used to.

One time I wanted to text with my friend Josh who trains with me at my dad's kung fu school, so we traded emails. I also emailed him my number so he could call or text me if he wanted to. I guess when I entered his email, I mixed up a letter, because I texted him a few days later and it wasn't Josh. I didn't know right away, because the person on the other end just texted me and started making funny silly jokes. I laughed, so I didn't really think much of it. Then he started making jokes and comments that I thought were inappropriate. I asked him, “Josh, when did you start talking like that?” He said something weird like “I always have,” so I decided to test him.
Star Wars Movie Summer Camp (2017)

Need to find a fun activity for your child this summer? Our Kung Fu movie and martial arts training camps are a great way for kids to get exposure to traditional martial arts and film-making, while having fun! Our programs are designed to provide kids of all ages with an introduction to martial arts while also starring in our Star Wars themed short films. Our camps are a great way for kids to get exercise while learning the basics of martial arts. Even more importantly, martial arts will help your child develop important life skills: Focus, Discipline, Confidence and Health, all while having a great time.

If your kids dream of being an action movie star, our studio Kung Fu of Golden Dragon is the right place for them! er Focus, Discipline, Confidence.
Encourage your kids to try themselves in front of the camera with no pressure and among great spirited people. We look forward to seeing you at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school.

$350 per week

June 12-16

June 19-23

July 10-14

August  7-11

323 309 0096 Nataly



IV International Kung Fu Seminar in Los Angeles (2017)
GrandMaster Valery Prosvirov hosts his fourth annual Kung Fu seminar at the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School in Los Angeles. Six days, Six hours per day. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Chin Na, Gun Fa--the complete spectrum of Chinese martial arts taught in the traditional Chinese way. For experts and beginners alike. The most challenging weeklong workout. The greatest attention to detail. Learn from the best. Those in attendance should expect to work hard and achieve great results. Learn Kung Fu, Drink Perfect Tea, Live Long, and Be Happy.
Star Wars movie camp (2017)
You are invited to Camp Star Wars at the Golden Dragon! April 10th-14th.  Kids of all ages will be joining us for five fun-filled days of Kung Fu training and film-making. Through the course of the week, we will be filming an exciting, action-packed Star Wars movie featuring all of the campers! In making the film, we will practice and develop awesome fight choreography, confidence in front of the camera, and Kung Fu technique. The film will advance the storyline from our previous Camp Star Wars movies, add new characters and plot twists, and include plenty of epic light saber battles!
The camp will be led by Dmitry, who will also edit the final movie for a viewing party. This years camp will also include trip to the beach! (and a scene at the beach!)....the Jedi will battle the dark side, but we will all come together at the Golden Dragon to create a GREAT film and have a lot of fun. We hope you will join us!
Professional Athlete Training Program (2017)
Grand Master Valery Prosvirov offers a world-class training program specifically designed for professional athletes.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) combined with traditional Chinese medicine is the perfect system for achieving physical and mental excellence. The lifestyle of the professional athlete is very demanding, and an athletes training regiment must be perfect to ensure the greatest success and the healthiest career.

After 40 years of intensive training, Valery Prosvirov is one of the world's greatest Masters of Traditional Martial Arts. His training and teaching has afforded him complete knowledge of the form and function of the human body. He is an authority on the philosophical and mental aspects of training the individual.

Valery offers world-class personal training and consultation for professional athletes—guaranteed to improve speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and all around bounce. TCMA is a time-tested, 5000-year-old technology of human health and wellness. When practiced correctly, it will clear the path towards limitless human potential--ultimately perfecting the health of the body, and prolonging an athlete's playing day career.

Do not allow age or injury to limit you from living up to your full potential. In the current world of professional sports, doctor's and trainers have incorporated countless new technologies and trendy methods of physical development, but have these methods really worked? The constant headlines of devastating injuries and careers-cut-short are a sad reminder that very few athletes today are actually being trained and treated the right way.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is the right way. Hard work can get you very far as a professional athlete—but working smarter, staying healthy, and getting the most out of your time and effort is what will separate you from your opponent. You can do this when you join forces with Grand Master Valery Prosvirov.

The world's best should work together.