Students talk: Ava's interview (2014)

Students talk: Ava's interview (2014)

Ava's questions and answers session.

  1. Have you practiced any martial arts before?

    Before I started training at Golden Dragon I studied taekwondo and tang soo do.

  2. What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

    I had been doing martial arts for 6 years and knew that it was good for my concentration, focus and physical conditioning. I decided I wanted to learn more about Kung Fu.

  3. How long do you practice Kung Fu at GD?

    I've been studying at golden dragon for a year and train whenever I'm in LA.
  • Do you feel any changes in your life?

    Yes, I feel that my focus, concentration and physical condition have improved

  • What are your favorite things here in GD?

    I love learning from Valery and Dima and enjoy practicing with the sword and doing the crane.
  • By your opinion, why should people practice Martial arts?
  • I believe people should practice martial arts because it is great discipline, a great workout to help keep you in shape, and overall a lot of fun!

    Questions to Ava's Dad

    1. How did your family decide your child should start practicing Martial Arts?

      We thought it would be the best combination of focus, discipline and physical fitness for our child.

    2. How long have your child practiced Kung Fu at Golden Dragon?

      Off and on for 14 months when she visits LA.

    3. Do you notice any changes in her behavior since he/she started the classes?

      Yes - Ava has a renewed appetite for martial arts instruction.

    4. What are your favorite things here in GD?

      Of the all martial arts facilities that I have visited, GD is the most impressive.  Instructors Valery and Dmitry are passionate about teaching with an incredible attention to detail.

    5. By your opinion, why should children practice Martial Arts?

      I feel it gives children an inner confidence they can carry forward for the rest of their lives.