Vasily Pigin - interview (March 19,2013)

Vasily Pigin - interview (March 19,2013)

To whom it may concern

My daughter Sofia Pigina, 15 y.o. has been attending trainings at children section of Golden Dragon School in Moscow since 2008. The leader of the section Dmitry Prosvirov trained Sofia personally for 3 years. Dmitry manages training process professionally, involving game methods which helped to achieve success in relating and engagement of kids.

Sofia has achieved very good results both in physical and self development. Now Sofia attends a group for grown ups. I was pleased to see Sofia's better school grades, getting more attentive and productive as well as her great internal motivation growing towards further self development. Thanks to Sofia this fall I personally started my trainings at the school of Golden Dragon.
I would recommend Dmitry to anyone as a top professional.