Students talk: Gabriel's interview (2013)

Students talk: Gabriel's interview (2013)

Have you practiced any martial arts before?

- Yes I have.

What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

- Practicing the martial arts is the best way I personally know of to give the body a well rounded consistent conditioning. There is an exercise or combination of exercises for every single muscle, joint, ligament and tendon in the human body. I believe Kung-Fu to be the best form of martial arts and I also believe the Headmaster of the Golden Dragon to be a genuine true master of the art of Kung-Fu and the best teacher I have yet to meet.

How long do you practice Kung Fu at GD?

- I began training at the golden dragon in July of 2012.

Do you feel any changes in your life?

- The increase in strength, flexibility, balance, dexterity and breath control have helped in numerous ways. The connections and pathways between mind,body and spirit are opened up a little more at each training.

What are your favorite things here in GD?

- The Golden Dragon family!

In your opinion, why should people practice Martial arts?

- To bring your body to the best conditioning possible while learning to defend ones self and others from harm.