Kung Fu Bootcamp

Kung Fu Bootcamp

Sometimes our mind sets very narrow limits on our physical abilities. Our bootcamp program is designed to challenge your body and expand your mental restrictions. Our groups are small so everyone in the group gets personal attention. We enroll advanced athletes who want to improve their current shape as well as the beginners who want to just start a healthy lifestyle. Training intensity differs according to your fitness level: that means you regulate performance input but for the best results you accomplish as much as you can.

Our Kung Fu Bootcamp program will help you improve endurance, strength and cardio, tone up and condition your muscles, boost metabolism and burn fat. As a result you will look better, feel healthier and more confident, and your body will feel energized to do whatever you want. By training your body you train your spirit. Demand more of yourself and you´ll discover that you´re willing and capable to achieve a victory.

Bootcamp group runs 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6-7 pm (60 min)

  • 6 weeks package - $390
  • 8 weeks package - $490
  • 10 weeks package - $590