Summer Camp at Golden Dragon!



  • First Kung Fu training: Qigong for children,stretching and workout
  • Kung fu workshop: creative Chinese art (origami, painting of Chinese kites, dragon building (kits), masks painting etc)
  • Lunch (please bring your own from home, the snacks will be provided)
  • Chinese arts: calligraphy – Chinese hand-writing by brush and ink
  • Second Kung Fu training: acrobatics workout and animal forms (Tiger, Crane and Dragon)
  • Expansion of horizons: training films and documental shows about history and arts of China (mask changing performance, great
  • Chinese circus, performance of different styles of Martial arts etc.) - not more than 30 min
  • Final day of session: performance and demonstration for Family and friends.
  • A special gift from Golden Dragon - three photos of your child in kung fu action at the camp

panda collage

summer camp collage