Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop (2015)

Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop (2015)

Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop

On November 15, 2015, Kung Fu Of Golden Dragon was privileged to welcome Fight choreography and cinema heavyweight Art Camacho As he hosted a stunt fighting workshop for the martial artists in our community. Everyone who participated was wowed by his level of expertise. With almost 3 decades of experience under his belt, Camacho left no stone unturned and no punch unthrown while meting out his indispensable knowledge of the way fighting works on film. While the class contained people from every level of expertise, from novice to Advanced, everyone was able to pick up a few new tools of the trade to make our game even better.

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Camacho covered everything from basic punches and kicks to all-out One-Versus-Many melees, All while keeping the curriculum fun for even the most seasoned practitioners. The icing on the cake was when he broke into groups to organize our own fight scenes. Although we saw great work from seasoned veterans such as Chris Botto, Evan Copage, and the White Dragon himself, Basil Masters, the real shining stars were the young students of Golden Dragon, who, along with Chief Jr. Instructor Dmitri Prosvirov, put together a fray that would definitely raise eyebrows in Hollywood. We were pleased to see so many excited faces, and can't wait to work with Art Camacho and the other students in the near future!

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