What’s your excuse? (2018)

What’s your excuse? (2018)
“...didn’t sleep well last night.”
“...ate the wrong thing for lunch.”
“...too sore from yesterday’s training.”
“...a rough day at work.”
“...I am just getting over a cold.”
“...there is a big game on TV.”

People who have excuses, will always have excuses.
It is important to realize that you will never have a day when training is the easy thing to do. Doing pushups, difficult stretching, and challenging techniques will always require determination and motivation. Progress requires more than the inspiration to begin—it requires the willpower and spirit to continue when things get difficult or tedious.

Progress takes work—work you have to do regardless of your mood. A good mood is something to enjoy, but the reward for good work is a feeling that is more than any mood.

Physical work is difficult, but for most people, the real difficulty comes in confronting and overcoming their own pride.
When people are forced to acknowledge their own failure, they have a choice between self-pity and self-correction.

Failure is only failure because you allow it to be your final act. We all make mistakes, it is a part of being human. The only real mistake is giving up something worthwhile—will you have the spirit to continue, or an excuse to stop?

For most, the difference between success and failure is simple perseverance and a willingness to change.

After training, we don’t have to worry about what we couldn’t do. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up or make a list of our inadequacies. We simply need to realize what we can do better tomorrow.

Falling into a rut is commonplace during training—those who make progress are able to regain focus and continue their work.

There is no excuse to skip training.
If we have an injury, it is important to let it heal, but training continues. If we are injured, we have to train the right way until we are healthy enough for more rigorous work.

Train the right way.
Regardless of the day, or your condition, you are worth the effort. Your life is worth your best effort.