Basil Masters Visit to Golden Dragon (May.28.2015)

Basil Masters Visit to Golden Dragon (May.28.2015)

Putting Fate In Place: White Dragon and Russian Dragon

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With the myriad of things constantly going on in Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, one thing is never far from Master Valery's mind; his personal vision of changing the world with traditional principles of Kung Fu. He has been working toward this goal with his self-pinned series, Lessons of Fate. The first installment, Wisdom, was a mystic, ethereal take on an ancient Chinese tale. Its sweeping yet well-tailored message served as a proper prequel for the second installment, Dignity.

LOF - Dignity, the second installment in the series, starred Dmitry Prosvirov as a champion MMA fighter who must find the meaning of true victory through one of the most unexpected losses he's ever faced. This part in the series brings a more current feel to the story, showing us how principles of old can influence people and their choices today. Dignity also features Bohannon Orr, who will be starring in the third installment.

When "The White Dragon" Basil Masters came to visit the kwoon on May 28th, 2015, he already had an idea of what to expect, and what he could bring to the table. Having been in attendance for LOF 2's Red Carpet Premiere, Masters was well aware not only of Master Valery's slick, innovative style of storytelling and film making, but also of the message the Master intends to convey through the series. Having Basil on board will bring a vibrant flavor to both the cast and the story that will fuse styles of both East and West.

The Prosvirovs and Basil Masters are no strangers to working together, either. Master Valery recently opened the school for Basil to use for filming his Fan Fiction short based on the video game, Mortal Kombat, in which he played Johnny Cage. With many other projects coming down the line, including a tangent educational series to be released alongside the Lessons of Fate series, we hope to have Masters' help to see these other endeavors become awesome works of art to be enjoyed by all.


Both Masters' Mortal Kombat and Master Valery's Lessons of Fate videos are expected to be completed and released by the end of the year. We will be holding open casting calls soon for other projects, as well as implementing a Kickstarter, to ensure we bring the best quality work to life for all of our students worldwide!