Beverly Hills Courier (July 20, 2012)

Beverly Hills Courier (July 20, 2012)

For more than 10 years, the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School has been teaching the basics of Kung Fu in Russia, Austria, Spain, China and the U.S. The school came to the Westside this month when the local studio opened at 11677 San Vicente Blvd.

Why should someone practice ancient Kung Fu when the world is filled with modern and fashionable methods of physical development?

• Reason one — Kung Fu isn’t a method of just physical training, it’s also a way of harmonious development for a man.

What sets it apart from all other physical disciplines is the complete awareness of all the movements of the body and mind, both during the training as well as away from it.
What does that mean? It means that Kung Fu as well as Tai Chi must not be practiced just at school; they must be practiced wherever and whenever. Only then will the practitioner attain the desired results. However, that does not mean that you have to become a professional athlete, quite the contrary, you have to remain yourself, only in this case you can retain the objective perception of self and the world and not miss anything important.

• Reason two  — comprehensive approach to a person. A man represents a complex system, both anatomically and psycho-emotionally. All parts must be balanced and work synchronously for a man to utilize all the potential instilled in him. To accomplish that, you need to train your whole system every day (including weekends) all in one training.
But is that even possible? Of course. Unfortunately modern education is partial, either you are a lawyer, a banker, or a taxi driver. It’s good for business, but not for life. Primarily, the person must be good in life. If you ask anyone today about who they are, they will usually answer with their profession. People seem to have forgotten that they are men and women and are humans after all. Kung Fu gives the possibility to remember it and never to forget it again.

• Reason three — only Kung Fu has the completeness of a balanced training process that includes all aspects of psycho-physical development.
That is – Qigong (training based on breathing exercises), training of the circulatory system, strengthening of the nervous system, improvement of brain activity and that of the internal organs; enhancement of the immune system, and Gong Fa (method of physical development). Training of tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles improves strength, speed and stamina. Warming up in traditional Kung Fu is particularly important. However, even professional athletes today don’t pay enough attention to it. They consider it just a process of increasing body temperature and a waste of time, thus they skip it to start training sooner. By definition, professional athletes, should be the healthiest people
in the world, however a lot of them are either injured or sick, but that is normal for them. Traditional martial arts should bring health and
not take it away from a person.

• Reason four – psycho-emotional training in Kung Fu brings out creativity and self-realization in a practitioner. This part of the training is one of the most difficult ones. Of course it’s not possible to give all the answers in a short article; for that you will have to visit the Golden Dragon martial arts school. Putting together all these reasons, the question as to why one should train in traditional Kung Fu naturally disappears. It’s common sense. When people become professionals in terms of their health and their life, they will be able to get the answers to all important questions, and will not waste the time that they never seem to have enough of.

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