Hun Gar animals: Snake

Hun Gar animals: Snake

Have you seen the Animal planet TV shows? Do you remember how snake bites its prey quickly and accurately? How it moves forward by evading movements? Snake utilizes precision and flexibility. Therefore, its strikes are precise, but not powerful. This is about punches and kicks. All strikes should be light and quick, they can be single or used in a series.


No strikes to the stomach, your targets are the groin, knees, inner thighs, neck, and of course, the face. Punches are made with the fingers, palms, and wrists. Kicks are done more frequently with the ball of the foot because they are faster. The heel is used only for side kicks. Snake uses sweeps and grappling with the legs. Blocks and grabs are used to evade and penetrate the opponent. You have to move along with the striking limbs.
No blocks with the forearms. Positions are often low. There is a rapid withdrawal in a low twisted position. Snake's combat style is defensive, it can recoil and then attack again. Snake uses rolls and somersaults to move – the first time this will paint your back in yellow, blue and purple colors.

Author: Golden Dragon school