Hun Gar animals: Tiger

Hun Gar animals: Tiger

Have you seen tiger's hunt? It creeps and then attacks its prey stabing claws in it. You should do the same with your adversary. Tiger is characterized by sharp hits and powerful attacks, because the tiger represents the strength. By the way in China the tiger, and not the lion, is the king of beasts. Using short movements in low stands tiger at first makes offensive hit to break through the defense, and then applies a series of two or three strikes for the final victory. 

Movings and stands are low. Besides the "tiger paw" done by palm but not by fingers, “tiger” can use strikes by horizontal fist, forearm, elbow, hand edge, doubled strikes (if you have three hands – triple strikes). Kicks are short, with using of hip, mostly single. Tiger uses block and then immediately subdues, pulling by his "paw" – pull your enemy and make counter attack. Tiger blocks more frequently by forearm. Strikes and blocks are hard. Style of combat is attacking, you just make the way by force. If you feel tiger's sitting inside of you and it is about to break out, you urgently need to be prescribed tiger form a hundred times on each side.




Author: Golden Dragon school