The Chinese Tradition

The Chinese Tradition

Chinese tradition is the special way of taking in the world, practically seeing the world through the eyes of Chinese. It might seem an impossible task for people who were not born in China. The Chinese think like that (not all of them though). But it is far from truth. To see the world without personal preferences but full of colours and shades is possible for everybody. According to the admonitions of old masters to attain this state one needs to have clear soul, modesty and honesty. If these qualities are possessed, according to the philosophy of Taoism (the main philosophy of all the Chinese) the master will appear in front of the person, who will help one to attain Ude – virtue, the warrior’s virtue.
According to Eastern notions every person is a worrier in the soul. It occurs not because one has to conquer somebody or win something, but because everyone is a universe of its own, where constant battle of oppositions goes on. And only a true warrior can, taking hold of his emotions, balance the oppositions, making them interact instead of battling each other. Good and evil, strength and weakness like Yin and Yang are parts of a whole. But without the right balance there can be no harmony between them.

Harmony and balance are the worlds that outline the base of the Chinese conceptions of life and universe. If you look in the Chinese philosophy most often you will come across these words even if you don’t pay too much attention. Even the name of the Chinese empire sounds like "Middle Kingdom". It doesn’t come as much from the geographical position, as from the wish to find the golden mean in everything. According to the law of Yin and Yang it is impossible to conquer something completely, because any thing or action, when reaching the limits of its development, becomes the opposite.

And that is why the harmony can be reached only in equilibrium, and the key to it is a fine and absolute control. Warrior is a master of life; he tries to take control over everything negative in him, without destroying it. He seeks control, because he understands that by losing something he’ll disturb the equilibrium and lead his development into a deadlock. Only development and constant self-perfection is the way to the right perception of inner and outer world. This is the key to the real mastering of life, and all the rest is pure theory. The main thing in it is – the state of mind, the knowledge is just a helper. Remember this…

Author: Valery Prosvirov. Head master of Golden Dragon school