Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster! (2017)

Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster! (2017)
The Golden Dragon welcomed the Fire Rooster to Los Angeles at our annual Chinese New Year Party.
The taste of delicious desserts mingled with the smell of authentic Chinese tea as students and friends gathered to celebrate.
The event was highlighted by a lecture from our Headmaster Valery Prosvirov - who contemplated the excitement of the new year, and emphasized the opportunities and challenges that meet us with each and every new day.
The lecture was followed by a performance by Sky Shachory, who was introduced as the school's new instructor assistant. Sky performed both Yang and Wudang style Tai Chi in a form specially choreographed by our Headmaster.
The Golden Dragon is a community and a family. We come together daily to train, to learn, to get healthy, and to have fun. We throw awesome parties to celebrate special occasions, but we can always find reason to celebrate our enthusiasm for each other and Kung Fu.
We appreciate everyone who joined us. We hope to see you soon. May the Fire Rooster bring a great year to us all!
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