Russian Holiday Maslenitsa (2017)

Russian Holiday Maslenitsa (2017)
On February 26th, the Golden Dragon celebrated the Russian Holiday Maslenitsa.

Maslenitsa is traditionally celebrated to mark the end of the harsh Russian Winter. It is a week-long festival of pancakes and parties, taking place in the seven days before lent. Russians expertly gather for fun and food, and we enjoy sweet and savory "blinis" (Russian Pancakes) all week as the official flavor of Maslenitsa.

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Winter in Los Angeles is certainly different from Winter in Moscow--a little more sun, a few less snowballs, and no dangerous icicles falling from the buildings--but our heritage, the coming of Spring, and delicious Blinis will always be worthy of celebration.

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Los Angeles is a melting pot, and our party was a great time for Russians and Non-Russians alike. Dmitry led games for the many children in attendance--highlighted by a tug-of-war and a drawing competition. Adults enjoyed the show, the tea, and delicious fresh made Blinis.


The afternoon culminated with the traditional burning of the Maslenitsa doll. Each child in attendance made their own doll out of straw, and we burned these dolls in a tremendously safe, fun, and appropriate fashion.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Maslenitsa celebration! We at the Golden Dragon value nothing more than community, and we relish the opportunity to celebrate together. Anybody who trains at our school know we work hard when we train Kung Fu, and we celebrate with the same enthusiasm.


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