Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Grand Opening Event (2015)

Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Grand Opening Event (2015)
A wise man once said, “a house is only four walls and a roof until you make it a home.” We proved this adage to be very true when Golden Dragon relocated from San Vicente Blvd., nestled in the quiet heart of Brentwood, to Santa Monica Blvd., our bustling new dojo right on the eyes and ears of West LA!

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While our old dojo was a blessing, this new location's easy-to-find building, free and readily available parking, and convenient central proximity to many other businesses and services make it the perfect spot for our new home.
On October 12, 2015, we hosted many esteemed guests as we broke in our new digs. It was a thrill to see such old friends as Martial Arts Hall of Fame founder Jim Thomas, actor Mel Novak, and recording artist and former student Mopreem Shakur. As always, the delicacies were divine as was the company. Grand Master Valery Prosvirov welcomed all his friends with open arms, and also outlined plans for a glorious future at our new location. We hope to see you all here in the future so you can share in the awesomeness!

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