DragonFest (2016)

DragonFest (2016)
Since our American school's opening in July 2012, it has been a tradition of ours to attend as many functions in the Los Angeles martial arts community as we can in order to meet with others as passionate about the art as we are. One of our favorite events is the Annual DragonFest organized by the Martial Arts Museum. Each event has been more exciting than the next, and this year was no different. When Mike Matsuda promises a fun, star-studded celebration, he definitely delivers!

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Aside from seeing so many brilliant and influential people in the martial arts world, we were treated to many spectacular shows. The ShaoLin Monastery sent their best young students to perform demonstrations of their forms, there was a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance, as well as appearances from keynote speakers and movie stars such as longtime Wing Chun practitioner Phil Morris, Casper Van Dien (Star of Starship Troopers), 11-time Kickboxing Champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson, and the Lady Dragon herself, 5-time World Champion Cynthia Rothrock. While many were there for networking, all can agree that just being together to celebrate the pursuit of excellence in the martial arts was well worth the ticket cost.

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We were also privileged to have many esteemed masters in the community offering their services to one another. Seeing such familiar faces as Shihan Allen Woodman, Master Rothrock, Ewart Chin, and Master Al Leong was a pleasant treat, and allowed everyone to get a bead on new developments with arts, techniques, and new projects. There were even appearances by the cast of Big Trouble in Little China, who held an auction for some very cool movie memorabilia. We can't wait until next year to see what new and cool projects are in the forefront! OSU!!

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