Golden Dragon visit the Dragonfest in Los Angeles (18 July 2015)

Golden Dragon visit the Dragonfest in Los Angeles (18 July 2015)

On July 18th, Dmitry Prosvirov took his student Finnegan to Dragonfest in Burbank, one of the largest annual martial arts conventions in the world. To say it was a star-studded event would be shy of the mark; some of the biggest names in the martial arts world were in attendance, all aiming to have fun and rub elbows while discussing new and future projects.


Attendance was just the icing on the cake for our Chief Junior instructor, as he was also granted the honor of presenting our school, Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, as a public entity for the second year!

Dragonfest3   Dragonfest4

Dmitry was pleased to see so many familiar faces. Many of the celebrated artists in the foray have become kin to our Golden Dragon family: Don "Dragon" Wilson and his brother James Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Mel Novak, Shuny Bee, Basil Masters, Mitch Shimer, Allen Woodman, Eric Lee, Art Camacho, Michael Matsuda, Kung Fu CowboyBenny Urquidez andFrank W. Dux, to name a few...

Dragonfest5   Dragonfest9 well as some new faces, and some superstars in their own right: Master Gerald Okamura, Phillip Rhee, Leo Fong, Clark Tang, Douglas Wong, Christopher Botto, Julien Giancana, Robin Shou, Al LeongGloria Hendry...

Master Okamura birthed the idea for Dragonfest many years ago, and with the help of many passionate constituents, including Shihan Allen Woodman, it was brought to life in 2014 as a forum for martial artists around the world come together and celebrate age-old traditions, as well as explore trail-blazing new techniques and ideas for spreading the message of martial arts to all corners of our great planet.

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Of all the incredible people there, one our camp was extra excited to run into was the White Dragon Basil Masters, who took a furlough on other projects to stop through! In addition with having helped the school with previous projects, he is slated to bev featured in the upcoming third installment of Lessons of Fate, which will also feature one of our star pupils, Finn.

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 They also touched base with an old pal, Shuny Bee, who we had the pleasure of helping on his upcoming project Fight of Fury, which he wrote and stars in. Other featured actors are Kathy Long and martial arts movie legend Eric Lee!

Also, LOOK WHO IT IS! The FIRST EVER African American Bond girl and cinema superstar, Gloria Hendry!!

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Last year during our Fight Choreography Seminar, we were honored to host two action movie icons, "Lady Dragon" Cynthia Rothrock and Don "The Dragon" Wilson, who not only gave pointers and vital tips for the silver screen, but also dropped by some awesome merch from their Dragon Traditionz clothing line. Rothrock even signed an autograph for our instructor Almas Diamond who is teaching in Russia.

This year, 

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Our old acquaintance Basil, who is currently in New York filming a FanFiction MK short, even ran into martial arts master (who everyone should recognize from his role breakout role as Liu Kang) and Mortal Kombat star Robin Shou!

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A few more familiar faces: Phillip Rhee, Benny Urquidez, Cynthia Rothrock, Shuny Bee, Joe Mantegna from "Criminal minds"Clark Tang and Douglas Wong, Frank W. Dux...

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