Red Carpet Premiere Event - Lessons of Fate (February.21.2015)

Red Carpet Premiere Event - Lessons of Fate (February.21.2015)

February 21st was the celebration of the Chinese New Year for 2015. And here at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, we brought in the new year in proper form with the Red Carpet Premiere release of our second short film in the Lessons of Fate series, Dignity. This installment, written and directed by Valery Prosvirov, focuses on our hero's personal journey toward understanding of what it means to be truly victorious. With the event's marvelous turnout, one could say we were all winners this evening. Students, stars, and friends old and new stopped by for this momentous occasion, and we couldn't have had a more wonderful time!


We began the day by setting up – everything from balloons and mics to tables and chairs were hauled all around to prep for the viewing and feast afterwards. We even spruced up the reception area and donned it with the movie's banner and red carpet for all of the cool photo ops that came up. Here's to dressing to the nines! Before our screening, guests enjoyed themselves with great conversation and a lovely spread catered by Dim Sum Palace, located near Wilshire and Westgate. Even after everyone went home with a full belly, there was still plenty of delicious food left over.


Our assistant trainee instructor Bohannon Orr acted as Master of ceremonies for the screening. After a few words about the school, training, and future projects, producer Jeff Silberman and Chief Jr. Instructor Dmitry Prosvirov introduced the video series. After a showing of the master's demo reels, we all got to enjoy both installments of Lessons of Fate, as well as a special video directed and produced by Amy Wood and Donnie Logan. The audience got to experience a little bit of everything! Among our esteemed guests were Ewart Chin, producer of the 2014 film The Martial Arts Kid, starring Cynthia Rothrock and Don "The Dragon" Wilson, and Craig Borten, Oscar recipient and writer of Dallas Buyer's Club. We were privileged to have such honored guests come out to support us.


Everything from sharing time with our students to sharing our thoughts in interviews afterwards was a very special treat. We are looking forward to the next part of the series being completed, and hope to see everyone for our next Red Carpet Premiere Event!


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