Report about family event - competitions (March 01, 2014)

Report about family event - competitions (March 01, 2014)
Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's Children's Event (March 1, 2014)

With Dmitry out of commission and the kung fu menace Lu Shian overseeing the challenge, the young tigers had to step up and prove their worth. And prove it they did! The kids completed mental tasks, teamwork drills, and relay races all to show that they have what it takes to become kung fu warriors. They went all in on every event, from sack racing and cartwheels to crab-walking with medicine balls. And while most of them were small in stature, they all showed the wills of titans!

The parents were not to be showed up, though. Aside from learning new Chinese characters and Tai Chi stances, they also got to play Musical Chairs. At the end of the challenge, the Factor family emerged victorious and received the antidote and scroll as their reward. Thanks to everyone's effort, Lu Shian's plans were foiled and the school was safe again! We will be training even more Dragon warriors for years to come!

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