Report about family event - warmup (March 01, 2014)

Report about family event - warmup (March 01, 2014)

The second part of our fun-filled Family Day had everyone involved, working with exercises, drills and combos. Students from ages 3 to 83 got to work together as Dmitry led the group through punches, kicks, and blocks in preparation to mold new Dragon warriors. However, Dima and his students had their hands full upon the appearance of the kung fu menace Lu Shian (played by Bohannon Orr), who nefariously poisons Dmitry and takes away his kung fu abilities! Lu Shian's foul plans might just follow through, which would mean doom for the Golden Dragons. But in the spirit of true martial arts, the students did not give up and they did not give in. After a direct challenge from Lu Shian, Dmitry calls for the help of his newest Dragon Warriors to rise to the challenge and save himself and the school! Can our young disciples stop this new menace and save the day? Do they have what it takes to become Dragon Warriors? Stay tuned for the next installment and find out!

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