Workout + tea party with a lecture and presentation of the new services (June 29, 2013)

Workout + tea party with a lecture and presentation of the new services (June 29, 2013)

On June 29, 2013 so long-awaited lecture about Qiqong took place at our school.
The lecture was held after a full workout where everyone had an opportunity to practice Qiqong and improve his health via the ancient Qiqong complex called Ba Duan Jin or Eight Pieces of Brocade in translation from Chinesse. Practical part of the event was completed by joint workout which is traditionally followed by Qiqong complex.
The lecture has started with the history of Ba Dua Jin origin. Then the peculiarities of carrying out each one of eight exercises of Qiqong complex were explained and shown once more as well as its influence on certain internal organ or group of organs in human body.

After lecture everyone had an ability to ask a question and to get a detailed and complete answer on it.
The time of the lecture has been coincided with one more significant event in our school - massage room opening. That is why among our guests was high-qualified specialist with over then 30 years of experience and also a remarkable personality - our massage therapist - Mark.
Mark was introduced to the auditory as well as types of massage he is specialized  on. These types are
Sport massage
Swedish massage

Shiatsu GD collageIt is well-known fact that massage possesses relaxing and healing influence on human body.
Sport massage is a mechanical impact on sportsman's body and skin with the purpose of his body's functional abilities recovery. This type of massage helps to avoid fatiguing and overwork as the result of everyday high-intensity trainees. It provides necessary psychological and physical preparation of sportsmen.
Swedish massage is well-known as classical massage. It is traditionally performed on naked body with usage of massage oils and lotions (by the customer's wish). The effects after this types of massage are the following
Muscle tension reduction
Circulation of blood improvement
Nervous system stimulation
Emotional and physical stress reduction
And at last Shiatsu massage is a safe very effective therapy, the technique of this type of massage is carried  out by the impact on biologically active points and meridians around them. Shiatsu massage is needleless method of impact on acupuncture points.
Regular massage therapy will be additional surplus to health as for those who practice Qiqong as for usual inhabitants.
We strongly recommend you to give a try on you these curative effect of massage therapy. And from our side we tried our best to outfit our massage room in the best traditions of decor and modern equipment.